M.Phil. Dissertations

S.No.Title of the Dissertation AuthorSupervisorYear
1Role of Yoga in community health programmeNP Joshi Prof. P Ramalingaswami1982
2A study of interaction between integrated child development service scheme and the community in three Anganwadis of the Tribal Development Block of Sabdega in District Sundergarh, OrrisaSanta Ray Prof. D. Banerji1982
3Poverty, family size and society in India : a critical review RA Ansari Prof. Dipankar Gupta1982
4The state and indigenous medicine : some exploration on the interaction between Ayurveda and the Indian StatePoonam BalaProf. Dipankar Gupta1982
5Public expenditure on health in India : trends and priorities+C239KV Narayana Prof. Imrana Qadeer1983
6Family Planning Communication Policy and ProgrammeLalitendu JagatdebProf. Imrana Qadeer1983
7Sociological studies of Indian hospitals : issues and perspectives Kalyan Kumar Ganguli Dr. SK Sahu1983
8Socialisation of Students in Nursing Training institutions : a case study of Safdarjung hospital nursing schoolNayantara MishraProf. D. Banerji1984
9Human relations in a health service organization : a case study of a Primary Health Centre in Andhra PradeshK. SasikalaProf. P Ramalingaswami1984
10Community-based health care in Kenya : a sociological perspectiveGretchen BloomProf. D. Banerji1984
11A social anthropological enquiry into professionalism and dependence in medicineNabin Kumar PradhanProf. P Ramalingaswami1984
12Socio-economic context of maternal and child health practices : a case study of an Andhra VillageG LakshmiProf. Imrana Qadeer1985
13Population policy and welfare state in India Sanjay Kumar Naik Prof. D. Banerji1986
14Modernisation of fish economy and its impact on the well-being of fishermen : a case studyS. PeppinProf. KR Nayar1986
15Indian drug and pharmaceutical industry : an analysis of problems and policies since independence CSS DanielProf. D. Banerji1986
16Medical education in India  in search of relevance : a sociological inquiry into the scheme of re-orientation of medical education        (ROME) as implemented in selected Medical Colleges in Karnataka Joseph PProf. P Ramalingaswami1986
17Role Of Television In Health Awareness A Sociological AnalysisMahender Kumar DubeyDr. S.K.Sahu1986
18Factors influencing variation in Health Services : a study of selected districts of Andhra Pradesh Rama V BaruProf. Imrana Qadeer1987
19A study of low growth of the Scheduled Tribe population in Mayurbganj District during 1971-1981Sheikh RahmanDr. SK Sahu1987
20Socio-economic determinants of legislation influencing the health of industrial workers : the Indian Experiences Ajay Trivedi Prof. Imrana Qadeer & Prof. K R Nayar 1987
21Psychiatry and society in India : a preliminary examination Partha Sarathi MondalProf. KR Nayar 1988
22Voluntarism and development : a social science focus on healthSudhir Kumar Pattnaik Dr. SK Sahu1988
23Study of the community and community health work in two Primary Health Centres in Chamoli District of Uttar Pradesh DK Budakoti Prof. D. Banerji1988
24Labour process and health of children - a study of match and firework industries in two villages around SivakasiR Radha Prof. Imrana Qadeer1988
25A Study Of Low Growth Of The Schedule Tribe Population In Mayurbhanj District During 1971 - 81Shaikh RahamanDr. S.K.Sahu1988
26The role of public sector drugs and pharmaceutical industry in meeting the Health needs of the Indian people : an analysis and perspectiveJyoti KapoorProf. D. Banerji1990
27Profile of Anganwadi workers : a case study on two blocks in Rohtak District, Haryana Daisy SunitaProf. D. Banerji1990
28Infant feeding practices in a village in the Union Territory of Delhi Archana PanditProf. D. Banerji1990
29Socio-economic and political determinants of people’s responses to their health problems : a case study of new Seemapuri -a resettlement colony in Delhi Snehlata GuptaProf. D. Banerji1990
30A study of functioning of ICDS in three Anganwadis of a rural ICDS block in the Union Territory of DelhiDeepika Bhandari Prof. D. Banerji1990
31Re-emergence of Kala-Azar : people’s responses and political and administrative actions in Bihar : a case study of a severely affected village in Vaishali District of Bihar Kishore Kumar Prof. D. Banerji1990
32Mass media and medicine : a critical study of communication approaches towards health Sahid Jamal Prof. KR Nayar 1990
33A study of health behaviour in Vallarpadom Island in Ernakulam district Rekha Sugathan Prof. D. Banerji1990
34Social and political analysis of the improvement of slum life and health behaviour in a slum in CalcuttaThaneswar BirProf. D. Banerji1990
35Medicine And Its Practice In Ancient India (Upto 3Rd Cent. Ad.)Kanjiv LochanDr.K.R. Nayar1990
36Training of multipurpose female health workers : a comparative study of a government  and voluntary school in state of Tamil Nadu ManimeghalaiProf. P Ramalingaswami1991
37Perspective on environment and its implications for health and environment in India Gunjan ChaturvediProf. KR Nayar 1991
38Natural disasters and health : a  case study of a village affected by the Andhra Cyclone 1990 PVV Prasad Dr. SK Sahu1991
39An analysis of the functioning of Rural Health Training Centre, Najafgarh Vijayshri Jayapalli BapurajDr. SK Sahu1991
40Social implications of reproductive technology with special focus on Indian women Renuka PatnaikProf. Imrana Qadeer1991
41Role of the state in determining the conditions of life of casual labour, contract labour and child labour in industry in post-independent IndiaRobert Kumar Das PattnayakProf. Imrana Qadeer1991
42Medical education system in Ayurveda and Homeopathy in the state of Kerala with special reference to students and patients John Mathai Prof. P Ramalingaswami1991
43Issues in worker’s health of unorganized sector : a case study of some steel utensil making units of Wazirpur Industrial Area Jyoti Mudgal Prof. Imrana Qadeer1991
44Chasing The Dragon :A Study Of The Social Dimensions Of The Problem Of Drug Addiction In Delhi, With Reference To Heroin/Brown Sugar,Christopher SamuelDr. S.K.Sahu1991
45Sociology of nutrition programme and policies in India Superna Goel Prof. Imrana Qadeer1992
46An exploratory study of the social dynamics of women’s health in Adityapur village of Birbhum district Krishna Soman Prof. Imrana Qadeer1992
47Socio-political dimensions of Integrated Rural Development programme in relation to health services : a case study in a Village of West Bengal Ram Prasad DasProf. KR Nayar1992
48Childhood in rural India and its implications for health Malobika Prof. Imrana Qadeer1993
49Trends in medical anthropology : it’s relevance to public healthSanjukta MishraDr. SK Sahu & Prof. Imrana Qadeer1993
50Understanding environmental health : a study of some villages of Pouri Garhwal Ramila Bisht Prof. KR Nayar & Prof. Imrana Qadeer1993
51Intensive agriculture in India : its nutritional and ecological consequences Anupama GuptaProf. Ritu Priya & Prof. KR Nayar1993
52Ganga water pollution and role of Ganga action plan : a case study of Uttar PradeshMilind Saxena Prof. KR Nayar 1993
53An enquiry into the status of women in Kerela’s demographic transition Saiga Sukumar Prof. Mohan Rao & Prof. KR Nayar1993
54Living and working conditions of Coir workers and their Implications for health - a case study in Allepey DistrictBindu B NairProf. KR Nayar1993
55Sociological analysis of reproductive health of women in Dhurala village of Kurukshetra DistrictShivani Dr. SK Sahu1993
56Rehabilitation Of The Leprosy Patients In Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu - A Sociological Analysis''~C. KubendranDr. S.K.Sahu1993
57Family Formation And Fertility Change An Anthropological InquiryN. NakkeeranDr. S.K.Sahu and Dr. Mohan Rao1993
58Medicine, health and the Nationalist discourse in Colonial India M Shamshad Khan Prof. Mohan Rao & Prof. Neeladri Bhattacharya1994
59The sociology of medical profession : a study of Physicians response to the State of Rural Health Services in Gaya DistrictManoj Kumar SinghDr. SK Sahu1994
60Trends in medical sociology and its relevance to public health in India Ruma Ghosh Prof. P Ramalingaswami & Dr. SK Sahu1994
61An integrated view of developmental programmes in Kuttanad : implications for health and well being of agricultural labourers Sindu Diwakar Prof. KR Nayar 1994
62Communication of AIDS in India : construction of a social phenomenon Amarnath Sinha Prof. Ritu Priya & Prof. KR Nayar1994
63International health initiatives in the context of Primary Health Care and the Alma Ata Declaration Sebastian K SProf. KR Nayar & Prof. Ritu Priya1994
64Health in the priorities of slum dwellers  : a case study of Habeeb Fatima Nagar, Hyderabad Aruna Kambhampati Prof. Imrana Qadeer1994
65Social dimensions of rural water supply schemes and their implications for health : a case study of a Panchayat in Kerela Anand SProf. KR Nayar 1994
66Health In The Priorities Of Slum Dwellers : A Case Study Of Habeeb Fatima Nagar, HyderabadAruna KambhapaliProf. Imrana Qadeer1994
67Study Of Health Problems And Practices Of Underprivileged Women And Children In "Bhumiheen Camp" - A Slum Of DelhiKoushambhi BasuDr. S.K.Sahu1994
68Role of NGO's in health and development programmes in India since Independence : a policy analysisManoj Kumar Kar Dr. SK Sahu & Prof. P Ramalingaswami1995
69Socio-economic factors affecting the health problems and practices of tribals in two villages of Paderu Mandel in Vishakapatnam DistrictrsNagapalli Harimohan LalDr. SK Sahu & Prof. P Ramalingaswami1995
70Profile of village health workers : a case study of three non-governmental organisation of Dudu and Chaksu blocks of Jaipur Dsitrict, RajasthanRajendra RatnooProf. P Ramalingaswami1995
71A study of psycho-social aspects of Leukaemia PatientsSahar, Dr A KarimProf. P Ramalingaswami1995
72Women, medicine and society in the 18th and 19th Centuries - a focus on IndiaSaroj DhingraProf. Imrana Qadeer1995
73A critical review of modernization : theory and its application to healthZafar KhurshidProf. KR Nayar1995
74Structural adjustment and its impact on health sector Man Mohan Kumar Prof. Imrana Qadeer1995
75Child labour and health : an exploratory study of Aligarh block IndustryBharul Islam Laskar Prof. Rama V. Baru1995
76Disability in India : an appraisal of perspective and policiesMahnaz Ulfath Prof. Rama V. Baru1996
77Panchayati Raj : a review of emerging trends and their implications for healthSanjeev Kumar SinghProf. KR Nayar1996
78Development indicators and changing paradigms of development : a critical review Sanjay Kumar PandeyProf. KR Nayar 1996
79Demand for health care and its relevance to community healthTusar Kanti RayProf. Rama V. Baru1996
80Health perspective and health practices of adolescent girls in a village in Balasore, Orissa : a sociological analysis Sebati MalikProf. Imrana Qadeer1996
81Ideology, organizations and community participation : a  case study of two health projects in Rajasthan Tasnim PartapuriProf. Imrana Qadeer1996
82Human rights, development and health with special reference to IndiaSambit Kumar NayakProf. P Ramalingaswami1996
83Modelling Approaches and The Epidemiology Of HIV/ AIDS : A ReviewAnil GuptaProf. Ritu Priya1996
84Health Services Development: The Case Of MaharastraUrmila BudhkarDr. Rama V. Baru1996
85The Basic Science Of Public Health: The Theory And Practice Of Modern Epidemiology And The Population Perspective On Health And Disease.John Christopher SmithProf. I Qadeer and Dr. Mohan Rao1996
86Inter disciplinary approach to health : an exploration into the role of social psychologyVijay Kumar Yadavendu Prof. Mohan Rao & Prof. KR Nayar1997
87Factors determining health of home based women weavers : a case study of KasurS VijayaProf. Rama V. Baru1997
88Determinants of the well-being among widows : an exploratory study in VaranasiAlka GaurProf. Rama V. Baru1997
89Socio-economic dimensions of housing the Urban poor in Chennai S UmanathanProf. Ritu Priya & Prof. KR Nayar1997
90An exploratory study of the problems of immigrants with a focus on Bangladeshis living in a Delhi slumAnita Kumari Prof. Imrana Qadeer1997
91A study of life and health of the aged of Gopalganj district of BiharHabibullah Ansari Prof. Ritu Priya1997
92Violence and health : an exploratory studyRuchi SinhaProf. Ritu Priya1997
93Meitei women in transition in Manipur Hajarimayum Jubita Devi Prof. Imrana Qadeer & Prof. Rama V. Baru1997
94Women'S Health In The Informal Sector: A Preliminary StudyU. GowriDr. Mohan Rao1997
95Development of public health services and their utilization : a case study of the Bombay Municipal CorporationNarendera Kakade Prof. Ghanshyam Shah1998
96Global environmental governance and environmental health planning and Policies in India : a critical analysis Ramlal RayProf. KR Nayar 1998
97Information, education and communication in the context of Diarrohea and Tuberculosis control in Dausa District of rural RajasthanRaghunath SainiProf. Ritu Priya1998
98Developmental strategies and environmental implications : a case study of a fishing village in Alleppey District Michael PJProf. KR Nayar1998
99Legislation, industrial workers health and the state -the Indian experiences Rafey Eajaj HussainProf. Imrana Qadeer1998
100Shifts in policy on women’s health in India with a focus on reproductive health Manju DhasmanaProf. Imrana Qadeer1998
101Characteristics of NGO's : an exploratory study in Assam Ashok Sarkar Prof. Rama V. Baru1998
102A preliminary exploration of the socio-economic condition of agricultural labourers of Raghopur village in Vaishali District, Bihar Pravind Kumar PraveenProf. Mohan Rao1998
103Influence of socio-economic and working conditions on the health of the Tea Garden female workers : a case study of Phuguri, Tea Estate in Darjeeling District of West BengalRinju RasailyProf. Rama V. Baru1998
104Forest ecology, food habits and health behaviour among the primitive tribal groups : a case study of Bonda Highlanders in Orissa Debendra Kumar BiswalProf. Ghanshyam Shah1998
105Sexual behaviour patterns in the context of HIV/AIDS in India (N/A)Vishwa Deepak Prof. Ritu Priya1998
106A sociological analysis of the North-South differentials in sex ratios in India : a preliminary enquirySandhya Yatirajula Kanaka Prof. Mohan Rao1998
107Chikan workers of Lucknow socio-economic conditions and their implications for healthBhavana GulatiProf. KR Nayar1999
108Political economy of health in BangladeshRedwanur RahmanProf. Ghanshyam Shah1999
109An exploratory study of the place of health insurance in the delivery of health care : a focus on India Saleema RazviProf. Imrana Qadeer1999
110Disaster mitigation, government policies and people’s perception  : a case study of a village in West Bengal Soumitra RoyProf. KR Nayar1999
111Hiv/ Aids And The Working Population In India : A ReviewMahesh G.Dr. Ritu Priya1999
112Political Economy Of Health In BangladeshRedwanur RahmanDr. Ghanshyam Shah1999
113Dams and discontents  : the case of the floating population of Lok Tak Lake Ramananda WangkheirakpamProf. KR Nayar2000
114A study of the role of ANM's in the delivery of health services in Jaipur DistrictDeepa GargProf. KR Nayar2000
115Significance of pregnancy and childcare practices for child survival among Scheduled Caste women : an exploratory study of Thurambady Panchayat in Erode District S Kavitha Prof. Imrana Qadeer2000
116Solid waste, its management and health of the Safai Karmacharis : a case study of Delhi Nagendra, MP Prof. Ghanshyam Shah2000
117Urban development and issues of public health : a case study of Indore city Sangeeta Mahilkar Prof. Ghanshyam Shah2000
118Gender Differentials In Famine Mortality: Madras (1876-78) And Punjab ( 1896-97)Leela SamiDr. Mohan Rao and Dr.Neeladri Bhattacharya2000
119Decentralization discourse and health : a critical analysis Meenakshi Ahluwalia Prof. KR Nayar2001
120Christian medical care in Tamil Nadu, 1947-2000 : a preliminary exploration R John Suresh KumarProf. Mohan Rao2001
121Socio-economic conditions of agricultural laboures and its implication for heath : a review Subroto KunduProf. Rama V. Baru2001
122A sociological study of lives of the household maids from slums in Cuttak city Sukanya MohantyDr. Alpana Sagar2001
123Siddha system of medicine : a sociological explorationGanapathyProf. Rama V. Baru2001
124Demographic and socio-economic scenario of HIV/AIDS infected persons in Imphal District Rajeev Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2001
125Access to health care in Jahangirpuri resettlement colonyDhiraj Chandra RayProf. Ghanshyam Shah2001
126Responses of non-government organizations to the problem of domestic violence : a case study from Uttranchal Manisha JoshiProf. Ritu Priya2001
127Women’s access to and utilisation of reproductive health services in Bharharwand Khurd PHC Dis Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan Jyana JyotiProf. Imrana Qadeer2001
128Mental Health Services In India A Case Study Of JahangirpuriAnant KumarDr.K.R. Nayar2001
129Demographic And Socio-Economic Scenario Of Hiv/ Aids Infected Persons In Imphal DistrictIrengbam RajeevAsstt. Prof. Sanghmitra S. Acharya.2001
130Traditional healers among tribals of Udaipur District Rajasthan : a sociological exploration Rajan SinghProf. Rama V. Baru2002
131Exploring theTangkhul Naga” women’s life situation : implications for health Tungshang NingreichonProf. Imrana Qadeer2002
132Socio-economic dimensions and health seeking behaviour for Leptospirosis : a case study of Kumarakom Panchayat, Kerala Mathew GeorgeDr. Alpana Sagar2002
133Health services for public sector industrial employees : an exploratory case study of BHEL, Haridwar, Uttranchal Shashi Rani Dr. Alpana Sagar2002
134Interpreting prostitution : violence commodifiedSuchetana GhoshProf. Ritu Priya2002
135Socio-economic status and health : a study of a village in UP Shiv KumarProf. Ghanshyam Shah & Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2002
136Democratic decentralization and people’s participation in health projects : a study of three Panchayats in Kannur District Retheesh BabuProf. Ghanshyam Shah2002
137From population control to reproductive rights : the case of NepalAnil Bhattarai Prof. Mohan Rao2002
138Sex typing of specialities in medicine Smita Khanijow Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2002
139Evolution, social dynamics and patterns of private medical care in Calcutta : an exploratory study Bijoya RoyProf. Imrana Qadeer2002
140Health in a Dalit community : a preliminary exploration of a community in polluted occupation KM ZiyauddinProf. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2002
141A social and historical analysis of the relationship between public Health and BiomedicineM LohokareProf. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Ritu Priya2002
142Street children of Sangam Vihar, South Delhi : a exploratory Study Anjali Garg Prof. Imrana Qadeer2002
143The Political Economy Of The Indian Drugs And Pharmaceutical Sector : A Preliminary EnquirySanthosh M.RDr. Mohan Rao2002
144Is 'Suffering' Inevitable? State, Society And DisabilityUpali ChakravartiDr. Rama V Baru2002
145The State'S Perception Of Workers' Health In India : The Case Of Occupational Health Research Chris Mary KurianDr. Ritu Priya2002
146Indigenous medicinal substances and health care : a study among Paite tribe of Manipur Nemthianngai Guite Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2003
147Urban planning and public health consequences for poor migrants : a study of Delhi Sanjeev Kumar RoutrayProf. Imrana Qadeer2003
148Mental health and public health : some methodological issuesRakesh Kumar MishraProf. KR Nayar & Prof. Ritu Priya 2003
149International aid in health sector and public health planning Nisha GuptaProf. Imrana Qadeer2003
150Health care providers in Delhi metropolitan city : a sociological explanation of issues and concernsNaveen KumarProf. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2003
151The viability of a National Health Insurance for India : a comparative analysis Madhurima Nundy Prof. Rama V. Baru2003
152Coping with Cancer : an exploratory study of cancer patients and their care givers, Medical College Hospital, Kottayam, Kerala Jaison StephenDr. Alpana Sagar2003
153The influence of medical technology on medical practice : a case study of Madurai, T NFrancis Adaikalam V Prof. Rama V. Baru2003
154Middle class women's perception of health : a study in Vasant Kunj locality of South DelhiDharashree Das Prof. Ritu Priya2003
155Entitlement and disentitlement processes and hunger : a study of Kalahandi DistrictChinmoy Biswal Prof. Imrana Qadeer2003
156Social construction of Bon medicine Atsuko IbataProf. Rama V. Baru2003
157Social security of migrant workers : a study of sugarcane workers in GujaratSwati Priyambada Das Prof. Ghanyshyam Shah & Prof. Ritu Priya2003
158Informalisation of labour and its implications for health : a study with special reference to export processing Zones in India Sobin GeorgeProf. KR Nayar & Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2003
159Socio-economic and health consequences of pesticide exposure : a case study of endosulfan toxicity in Padre village, Kasargode District, KeralaAnish KumarDr. Alpana Sagar2003
160The structural adjustment programme, the casualisation of labour and health : a preliminary study in Vijayawada City, Andhra PradeshT Bala SubrahmanyamProf. Mohan Rao2004
161Stress and coping among Xth Class Girls : a study conducted in two schools of Allahabad city Sangeeta VermaDr. Alpana Sagar2004
162Urban poor living on the streets of Chennai city, Tamil Nadu : an analysis of their socio-economic and health conditions Immagulate Mary I Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2004
163Understanding health and well being of adolescent girls in a rural areas of village in Meerut district of UP SudhaDr. Alpana Sagar2004
164Perception of diagnostic technique : a comparative study between a government and a private hospital in the city of Bhubneshwar Saswatee Rath Prof. KR Nayar 2004
165The place of Ayurveda in the health service system of Himachal PradeshSurekha Dhaleta Prof. Rama V. Baru2004
166Is the reproductive and child health program addressing the needs of adolescent girls health? a study at Kakching, Thoubal District, Manipur Moirangthem Tineshwori DeviDr. Alpana Sagar2004
167An exploratory study of Mitanin Programme : an Innovative experiment in the training of women health workers in two Pilot blocks of Rajnandgaon and Dhamtari Districts in Chattisgarh Mithun Som Prof. Imrana Qadeer2004
168WTO, trips agreement and pharmaceuticals : a review of recent debatesMitu Pathak Prof. Rama V. Baru2004
169Reproductive Health Awareness : A Study Among The Tribal Women In Manipur Rose Nembiakkim 2004
170Women'S Autonomy, Identity And Health Access : A Case Study Among Muslim Women In The Old City Of HyderabadVasantham SwapnaDr. Mohan Rao2004
171Alcohol Consumption And Health Of The People In Darjeeling Hills : An Analysis Of Socio-Cultural And Developmental FactorsBinu SundasDr. Sanghmitra Acharya2004
172Social production of disease : an exploratory study of the Kols of Shankargarh block in Allahabad District Avinash PandeyProf. Imrana Qadeer2005
173Understanding responsiveness of health services through social experiences of Tuberculosis : an exploratory study Sangeeta Singh Prof. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya (Co-Sup)2005
174Social science issues in Malaria : a reviewAparna MohantyProf. Rama V. Baru2005
175Social capital and health inequality : a preliminary enquiry Indranil MukhpadhyayProf. Mohan Rao & Prof. Rajib Dasgupta2005
176Empowerment of women sex workers : an exploratory study on role of NGO’s in the context of HIV/AIDS control program in Kerala K Kaveesher Dr. Alpana Sagar & Prof. Ritu Priya2005
177Decentralisation and health : a case study of Hussenpur Panchayat, Bihar Nitu SinghProf. Mohan Rao & Prof. Ritu Priya2005
178Theoretical basis of ethics in public health and its application to AIDS control Sutanya MohapatraProf. Ritu Priya & Prof. KR Nayar2005
179Shifts in rural water supply policies in Kerala : an exploratory studySubha S Prof. Rajib Dasgupta & Prof. Ritu Priya2005
180The nutritional status of pre-school children in relation to standard of living : a study in three selected VDC's in Bhaktapur District, NepalSher Bahadur Rana Prof. Rajib Dasgupta & Prof. Mohan Rao2006
181Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir and its implications for health : an exploratory studyShafqat Majeed BhattProf. KR Nayar & Dr. Alpana Sagar2006
182Link to vulnerability and risk behaviour : a socio-psychological study of life options and choices of middle class youth in Faizabad townSmriti SrivastavaProf. Ritu Priya2006
183Social inequality and health outcomes : a review of literature Ruma Bhowmick Prof. Rama V. Baru2006
184Empowerment in development : a critical review Sachitra Chitrakar Prof. KR Nayar2006
185Economic evaluation in health care : the foundations, methods and the context in a historical perspective Oommen C KurianProf. Jayati Ghosh & Prof. Mohan Rao2006
186Barriers to social mobility and its implications for well being in footwear Industry : a case study of Jatavs of Agra Prashant Kumar Kain Prof. Rama V. Baru2006
187The social construction of dignity and its relevance to public health : an exploratory study among Dalit Women Mita DeshpandeProf. Rama V. Baru & Prof. KR Nayar2006
188An exploratory study of a positive people’s network in Allahabad Tripti ChandraProf. Ritu Priya & Dr. Alpana Sagar2006
189Social Marketing For Hiv/Aids Prevention In India : An Exploratory Study Mahua DasDr. Rajib Dasgupta2006
190A Study Of Two Rehabilitation Centres For Child Labour In Taraon Block Of Allahabad DistrictArunendra NarayanProf. Imrana Qadeer and Dr. Ritu Priya2006
191Street Children In Delhi : An Exploratory Study Of Their Health ConditionsDilip Diwakar G.Dr. Rajib Dasgupta and  Dr. Sanghmithra S. Acharya2006
 Employment and Health- A comparative study of Housewives and Working Women in Anushakti Nagar MumbaiSaman AfrozDr. Sunita Reddy2006
192The relevance of social capital for public health : reviewing the debatePrashant Kesharvani Prof. Ritu Priya2007
193Industrial efflements from dying and bleaching industries and their implication for health : a case study of a village Panchayat at a Karur district of Tamilnadu Venkatesan, RProf. KR Nayar & Dr. Alpana Sagar2007
194Setting the agenda for non-eugenics : an exploration Priya Ranjan Prof. Mohan Rao2007
195Aborting gender justice, legislating abortion in selected countries of  South Asia : a preliminary analysis Arathi, PM Prof. Mohan Rao2007
196Sector wide approach SWAP in reproductive and child health program in India : a critical review Reetu Sharma Prof. KR Nayar & Dr. Sunita Reddy2007
197Health of the workers in plantation economy : a study of Cardamom plantations in Kerala Anns IssacProf. KR Nayar2007
198Public health and broader geospatial world : a GIS based study of selected health facilities in NCT of Delhi Singh, Ranvir Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya2007
199Social History Of Malaraia In Manipur : 1835-1947T. Khanching 2007
200An Exploratory Study Of Hiv-Positive Women Injecting Drug Users (Idus) In Churachandpur Town, ManipurLaltlanmawii 2007
201Understanding imbalance in child sex ratio : an exploration of Haryana Nisha Kumari Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya & Prof. Rama V. Baru2008
202International discourse on social determinants of health : a critical reviewSonali SahaniProf. KR Nayar2008
203State and the indigenous systems of medicine during Post-Independence : a critical analysis Lekha D Bhatt Prof. KR Nayar2008
204Social organization of Palliative care : a  case study of a community Palliative care centre in Malappuram District, Kerala Liju K M Prof. KR Nayar2008
205Hunger and under-nutrition in post-liberalisation rural India : a review M KumaranProf. Mohan Rao2008
206Role of traditional healers among the BHILS : a study in village Ghodan Kalan of Udaipur, Rajasthan Minakshi DewanProf. Ritu Priya & Dr. Sunita Reddy2008
207Infertility, women and assisted reproductive technologies reproductive choice or reproductive disruption? : an exploratory study in Pune City Varda J MadgeProf. Mohan Rao & Prof. Ramila Bisht2008
208The medical biotechnology industry in India : a preliminary review Rafi P Prof. Mohan Rao2008
209Conceptualising disability : a review of social policies Rajshree SinghProf. Rama V. Baru2008
210The politics of women’s sexuality : an exploration Renu Singh Prof. Mohan Rao2008
211Human trafficking and prostitution : analyzing the discourse from a public health perspectiveShaweta Anand Prof. Ritu Priya & Prof. Rajib Dasgupta2008
212Understanding Refugees : A Profile Of Movements ; Policies And Their Living Conditions With Special Reference To Tibetans In India Mina TokoDr. Sanghmitra S. Acharya2008
213Mapping The Transformation Of Icds : 1975 To 2007Shailendra PathakProf. Rajib Dasgupta2008
214Exploring Children'S Health In North East States : A Case Study Of Child Welfare Programmes In Saikot Village, Churachandpur District, ManipurDorothy Lalneizo                                        Dr. Sunita Reddy2008
215Understanding Autism Spectrum conditions  : a qualitative analysis of the experiences of parents and professionalsPooja VermaProf. Rama V. Baru2009
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306Beyond Injuiry: Health Care Experiences Of Civilians Injured During Protests In KashmirAadil FarooqProf. Ritu Priya and Prof. Ramila Bisht2016
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311Pluralism within Pluralism- Exploring the Sociology of Ᾱyurvedic Practice in Kerala”Ramanand R.Prof. Rama V. Baru2016
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313Urban Self Employed Workers: An Exploratory Study of the Life and Health of Auto Rickshaw Drivers in DelhiShreya SoodProf. Ritu Priya & Dr. Prachin2016
314Sociological And Quantitative Assessment Of Hunger In Bihar.Amrendra Kumar SinghDr. Vikas Bajpai2017
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317Social Stratification Among Muslims And Its Implications For Access To Health Services: An Exploratory Study in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh”Istikhar AliDr. Godajkar Prachinkumar Rajeshrao2017
318Intersection of Disability and Sexuality in Higher Education: Exploring Lived Experiences of Students with Cerebral PalsyJeetu KanwarDr. Godajkar Prachinkumar Rajeshrao2017
319Women And Pain: An Interdisciplinary ApproachKanika SharmaProf. Ramila Bisht2017
320Height: Intergenerational Variation and Its Determinants among Tribal Men of Salumber Block, Udaipur District Krishna Kumar ChoudharyDr. Godajkar Prachinkumar Rajeshrao2017
321Fitness Culture” In South Delhi: An Institutional Ethnography Of Fitness CentersLochan SharmaProf. Rajib Dasgupta2017
322Natural disasters and its consequences on livelihood and food security: a study of two village in rudraprayag district, uttarakhand’Neha YadavProf. Rajib Dasgupta2017
323Marital Bliss Or Marital Violence : A Study On Lived Experiences Of Women In Slums Of Srinivaspuri, New DelhiNibedita RoyDr. Sunita Reddy2017
324Synthetic Biology and its Application in Public Health: A Preliminary EnquirySanglipong LemturProf. Mohan Rao2017
325 Chemistry, Commodity, And Iatrogenesis: Genealogy Of Opium Use In The PunjabSimrandeep SinghDr. Sunita Reddy2017
326Health Benefits Of Traditional Food And Plants: A Study Among The Assamese Community Of Jorhat DistrictSneha Smita BoraDr. Sunita Reddy2017
327Accessibility To Healthcare Services And Continuity Of Care For Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (Npc) Patients In Nagaland Talienla ImchenProf. Ramila Bisht2017
328Introduction of Rotavirus vaccine; Interpreting Epidemiological Evidence and Tracing Philanthrocapitalist Influence on Indian vaccine PolicyPratyush SinghProf. Rama V. Baru2017


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