For Prospective Research Affiliates

The Centre regularly accepts faculties, post-doctoral and doctoral candidates from Indian and Foreign universities/colleges as research affiliates. In past, affiliations have been extended to scholars from following institutions:

  • United Kingdom: The University of Edinburg; University of Sussex; University of Warwick; University of Exeter; King’s College; London School of Economics
  • Western Europe: University of Zurich, Bielefeld University
  • United States of America: Harvard University; Columbia University; Cornell University; University of Washington; Hampshire College; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Purdue University; University of Pittsburgh
  • Canada: Concordia University
  • Australia: Macquarie University; University of Queensland; University of Sydney
  • India: Achutha Menon Centre for Health Science Studies

Interested scholars may write to the Chairperson/Faculty of the Centre.


Postal Address:

Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health

School of Social Sciences – Building II

Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi - 110067


Phone: 011-2674420





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