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Visualization of Salmonella-induced Filaments

by Moirangthem Kiran Singh
18th May @ 5:00 PM


Hot-carrier cooling in hybrid Pb-Sn halide perovskites

by Sachin Dev Verma
7th May @ 5:00 PM


Breaking the RET barrier using Metamaterials

by Rahul Deshmukh (CUNY, USA)
21st December (Thursday) @ 5:00 PM


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Upcoming Talk :

'Visualization of Salmonella-induced Filaments through Site- Specific Fluorescent Labeling of SPI-2 SifA Effector Protein'

Speaker: Moirangthem Kiran Singh

Affiliation: Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore

Date: 18th May (Friday), 2018 Time: 5:00 PM
Venue: Seminar Hall, SPS

Abstract : Salmonella Typhimurium is a food-borne pathogen that causes human diseases ranging from gastroenteritis to severe systemic infections. It uses type III secretion systems (T3SS) to translocate and deliver effector proteins (toxins) into eukaryotic host cells to establish infection. Visualizing when and where effectors localize into the host cell at different stages of infection is important for elucidating how the pathogen manipulates host cell biology. A number of visualization approaches have been developed to monitor effector proteins during infection. However, monitoring and localization of Salmonella Typhimurium SPI-2 effectors such as SifA has proven to be technically challenging. Hence the distinct functions of many such effector proteins remain poorly understood. Here, in this study, we report a simple and versatile approach for selective labelling and localization of secreted effector protein. This approach involves site-specific incorporation of an unnatural amino acid bearing a bioorthogonal functional group into bacterial SifA effector protein via genetic code expansion, followed by bioorthogonal chemical labeling of secreted SifA effector in the host cell with a fluorophore. Using this platform, we are visualizing Salmonella-induced filaments (SIFs) formed by the secreted SifA effector in the infected HeLa cells. Here, in this talk, I will highlight the potential powers of this methodology as an alternative to the existing approaches for labeling protein of interest.recent and continuing advances in the area of SSNMR of bone and related connective tissues like cartilage, developed in our laboratory that highlight the potential with which this technique has contributed to our growing understanding of the complex structures and dynamics of these materials.







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A. Pandey*, Avanish Kumar*, S. Puri*

Phys. Rev. E 96, 052211 – Published 16 November 2017



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Abhishek K. Singh*, S.S.N. Murthy*

Thermochimica Acta, 657,  98-103 – Published 10 Nov 2017



Experimental study of relaxation dynamics in solid solutions of benzene, hexa-substituted benzenes. II

Abhishek K. Singh*, S.S.N. Murthy*

Thermochimica Acta, 657,  86-97– Published 10 Nov 2017



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Chemistry – A Europian Journal, Accepted online: 27 Oct 2017



Effect of Cu2+ substitution in spin-orbit coupled Sr2Ir1−xCuxO4: Structure, magnetism, and electronic properties

Imtiaz Noor Bhatti*, R. S. Dhaka, A. K. Pramanik*

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 144433 (2017) – Published 26 Oct 2017



First graphene oxide promoted metal-free nitrene insertion into olefins in water: towards facile synthesis of activated aziridines

Prashant Shukla*, S. Mahata, A. Sahu, M.  Singh, V.K. Rai, A. Rai*

RSC Adv., 2017,7, 48723-48729 -Published 17 Oct 2017



Ordering kinetics in the random-bond XY model

Manoj Kumar*, S. Chatterjee, R. Paul, and Sanjay Puri*

Phys. Rev. E 96, 042127 – Published 16 October 2017



Biophysical insight into the heparin-peptide interaction and its modulation by a small molecule

Neha Tiwari*, Ankit Srivastava*, Bishwajit Kundu, M. Munde*

J. Mol. Reco. - Published 29 September 2017



Effect of T·T Mismatch on DNA Dynamics Probed by Minor Groove Binders: Comparison of Dynamic Stokes Shifts of Hoechst and DAPI

Him Shweta*, M. K. Singh*, Kavita Yadav*, Sachin D. Verma*, Nibedita Pal*, Sobhan Sen*

J. Phys. Chem. B, Article ASAP - Published 18 Sept 2017

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