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Visualization of Salmonella-induced Filaments

by Moirangthem Kiran Singh
18th May @ 5:00 PM


Hot-carrier cooling in hybrid Pb-Sn halide perovskites

by Sachin Dev Verma
7th May @ 5:00 PM


Breaking the RET barrier using Metamaterials

by Rahul Deshmukh (CUNY, USA)
21st December (Thursday) @ 5:00 PM


Welcome to SPS Journal Club

Upcoming Talk :

'Analog Supercomputers: From Quantum Atom to Living Body'

Speaker: Rahul Sarpeshkar

Designation/Affiliation: Thomas E. Kurtz Professor, Professor of Engg., Microbiol.& Immunol., Physics, Dartmouth, Hanover, U.S.A

Date: August 1 (Wednesday), 2018 Time: 4:00 PM
Venue: Seminar Hall, SPS

Abstract : The talk will illustrate how analog computation can take us back to the future and help us create powerful supercomputers on VLSI chips that shift us from the current digital paradigm to a significantly more powerful analog paradigm used by nature, in quantum physics,chemistry, and biology. We can then apply such supercomputers to solving intractable problems such as 'Bio Googling' medical cures for intractable diseases or for creating revolutionary quantum-inspired and bio-inspired algorithms and  architectures that have not been imagined before. These include a 'quantum cochlea', a spectrum analyzer inspired by how the human ear works, but based on quantum rather than classical analog circuits.