CSDE Research

A unique feature of the CSDE is that it offers a site for research in collaboration with faculty of the School of Social Science. Faculty within the school has taken a lead in carrying out research projects. This has facilitated the growth of a rich body of research that is informed by multi – disciplinary perspectives. A number of research projects focusing on Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Minorities have been carried out on a range of themes such as labour market discrimination, segregation in housing, discrimination in maternal and child care, poverty, urban poverty ethnic prejudices, ghettoisation, marginalization of minority communities and socio-econimic transformation of tribes. Two working papers based on project reports have been published: (a) Caste and community based labour market discrimination: A pilot study in Noida and (b) Mapping the socio-economic status of Indian Muslims: A Factual Analysis.

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Library and Documentation Centre

The Centre has provided with a spacious library having a rich collection of more than a thousand books on themes relating to discrimination and exclusion. The centre has created a data base on the social and economic condition of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Minorities. A number of CDs on Census data have been purchased and kept in a depository in the CSSEIP for use by researchers. An annotated bibliography has been prepared by the centre on different aspects of discrimination and exclusion for the use of researchers.