About Workshop :

The workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to the participants to upgrade their knowledge in recent advances in Information Technology with special focus on research issues in VLSI System Design. The workshop will cover:

Description :

VLSI Systems have recently emerged as one of the buzzwords in the IT industry. VLSI being a vast field is sub divided into various categories and letting individual to choose one as per their interest. In this workshop, participants will be get to learn some of the latest research areas in VLSI. The Workshop aims at familiarizing the participants with various aspects of VLSI and the opportunities in the industry. We aim to cover nearly all the aspects of VLSI, i.e., Front-end, Back-end and TCAD(Technology computer aided design). As we know that VLSI is on a boom in India and with new fabrication labs soon to be opened, we hope that this workshop will help the participants to tap the research and job opportunities in the field as the participants will be exposed to the VLSI tools by one of the leader in the EDA industry.

Who all should attend :

Scholars Pursuing their PhD in VLSI can participate in the workshop. We also expect the students pursuing their B.Tech , M.C.A. , M.Tech and M.S. in CSE, IT,ECE,EEE to participate in the as this workshop will familiarize them with various concepts that will help them to choose from available options for their career or research.

Topics to be covered :

International Mini Workshop
VLSI Systems
(VLSI 2015)

Organized By :

School of Computer and Systems Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067 India

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