About WBDA-2016

The amount of data in the world has been continuously growing and analyzing this humungous data, referred to as Big data, for strategizing decision making would be the key goal for any organization. Big data refers to a collection of data sets so large and complex, it is impossible to process them with the traditional databases and tools. Due to its size and associated numbers, big data is hard to capture, manage, analyze and visualize. This data is being generated in real time and in large amount from mobile devices, sensors, web, social networks, Internet logs, e-commerce, etc. There is a need to examine this voluminous (volume), heterogeneous (variety), streaming (velocity) data, with an acceptable level of trustworthiness (veracity), and unearth hidden, interesting, non-obvious, novel and useful patterns (value) from it. Several techniques like machine learning, natural language processing, artificial Intelligence and statistical and predictive analytics can be used to gain new insights from this data, which can be used by researchers and businesses to make better and faster decisions.

The objective of the workshop WBDA-2016 is to provide opportunity to the participants from academia and industry to disseminate and share knowledge with the goal of enhancing their understanding of the tools and techniques used for Big Data Analytics. This would help in devising strategies for addressing real life big data problems.

The workshop will cover analytics on Big data in the form of text, graphs etc. It would also include case studies along with demonstration.