School of Environmental Sciences

Jawaharlal Nehru University

New Delhi 110067 India

Projects undertaken (Ongoing and completed)

S.I. Title of the project Role Date of commencement Date of completion Project category
19 Indo-US initiatives on Cleaner Energy and Water Research Principal Investigator April 2015 Cont. R&D, Indo-US 21ST Century Knowledge Initiative (3rd Cycle), Funded by UGC
18 Development of Sustainable Biochars for Water and Soil Remediation Principal Investigator April 2015 Cont. University with Potential of Excellence (UPE) at (UPE II) JNU, New Delhi
17 Development of Rice and Tea Residues-Derived Biochars as Effective Green Materials for Adsorptive Stabilization of Pesticides in Soil and Water Systems Principal Investigator Dec 2012 Contd. R&D, Funded by Dept. of Science and Technology Govt. of India
16 Technology Development for Atmospheric CO2 Sequestration using Biochar derived from Agricultural Wastes/Byproducts Principal Investigator Oct 2012 Contd. R&D, Funded by Dept. of Science and Technology Govt. of India
15 Development of Low Cost Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Biochars for Water Defluoridation Principal Investigator 08-06-2013 31/12/2014 R&D, Funded by Dept. of Science and Technology Govt. of India
14 Development of Novel Magnetic Carbons for the Remediation of Micro Pollutants from Water Principal Investigator 01-02-2010 31-01-2013 R&D, Funded by University Grant Commission, New Delhi
13 Removal and Recovery of Chromium from Tannery wastewater/Effluents using Low cost Novel Adsorbents Principal Investigator (Young Scientist Award) Awarded - R&D, Funded by Dept. of Science and Technology Govt. of India
12 Preparation of pollutant specific adsorbents from waste materials and studies on removal & recovery of value- based chemicals Principal Investigator 2000 2005 In House Project, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research Lucknow (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)
11 Analysis of groundwater to ascertain their potability Co- investigator 2006 2007 Sponsored by Ground Water Department
10 Assessment of ground water quality and ecological/health risk in Industrial regions with reference to the chemical contaminants/pollutants and solid phase (rock)-water interactions for contaminants release and process modeling Co- investigator 2002 2007 R&D, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi (CSIR net work projects)
9 To Identify the Requirements for Developing a National Implementation Plan in India to Implement the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Team member 2001 2003 UNIDO
8 Monitoring and Assessment of the Gomti River Quality Co- investigator 2000 2007 Funded by Ministry of Environment, Government of India
7 Exhaustive characterization, chemical analysis and safe disposal of solid waste of Currency Note Press (CNP), Nasik Team member 2003 2004 Sponsored by Currency Note Press (CNP), Nasik
6 Assessment of Rural Drinking (Ground) Water Quality in UP. Co- investigator Jan 2001 Dec 2001 Sponsored by UP Jal Nigam
5 Assessment of Drinking Water Quality at Feroz Gandhi Thermal Power Project, Unchahar, Baebareli (UP) Co- investigator 2001 2002 Sponsored by NTPC, Govt. of India
4 Assessment of pesticide contamination in inland fish and pond water Co- investigator 2001 2002 Sponsored by Genetic Fish Resources, Lucknow
3 Characterization of Slag/Waste Sludge and Leachates (TCLP) Co- investigator 2001 2002 Sponsored by Essel Mining and Industries Gujarat
2 Safety Evaluation of Water Samples of SIPAT NTPC Co- investigator 2003 2003 Sponsored by NTPC, Govt. of India
1 Retention capacity evaluation of activated carbon fabric (ACF) cloth for some selected organics Co- investigator 2000 2003 Sponsored by HEG Ltd.