JNUFC is a social and cultural club. It was formed in the year 1992. The Purpose of having such a club in the campus is to have a platform where the faculty and their family members can interact and participate in myriad and meaningful activities. All round the year JNUFC organizes events, both cultural and sports for faulty, their spouses and children. The Faculty Club was also supposed to fill in one important lacuna, the non-existence of a non-political campus organization where involvement of the faculty and their family members could be restricted to pure entertainment. Presently, "club" activity in the capital is beyond the purse of most faculty members.

JNUFC gives an opportunity to hone one's skills, bring out talent, and facilitate in active and coordinated cultural and sporting events. JNUFC also plays an important role in enhancing and strengthening the associations with the neighboring institutions around the campus by having friendly matches. There is a great enthusiasm and tremendous response from the faculty and especially from children to actively participate in sports and cultural programmes. All the faculty members are invited for their active participation and valuable suggestions.


Office Bearers

In the general election of the Faculty Club held on 26th January, 2015 following members were elected unanimously as the EC members for two years(2015-2017).

  Dr. Madhav Govind
  Phone:26704105, Mob: 9868732956

  Dr. D P Vidyarthi 
  Vice President 
  Email: dpvidyarthi08@gmail.com
  Phone:26704738; Mob:91-986826990

  Dr. Sudesh Yadav 
  Vice President 
  Email: syadav@mail.jnu.ac.in ; sudesh27@hotmail.com
  Phone: 26704197; Mob;9968077736

  Dr. Zahid Raza 
  Email: zahidraza@mail.jnu.ac.in
  Phone:26704716; Mob:91-9818765936

  Dr. Meenakshi Dua
  Joint Secretary
  Email: mdua@mail.jnu.ac.in ; meenakshi72@hotmail.com 
  Phone : 26704194

  Dr. Nandita Saikia
  Joint Secretary
  Email: nanditasaikia@mail.jnu.ac.in ; nanditasts@gmail.com 
  Phone: 26704642

  Dr. Sk. Ishtiaque Ahmed
  Phone: 26704244 
  Mobile No:91-9818812593


The new JNU FC EC will hold office for 2 years i.e. till January 2017.

Please contact: facultyclub@mail.jnu.ac.in