Aliquatjusto quisque nam consequat doloreet vest orna paThe School of Computer and Systems Sciences laid the foundation in the late 1970's to initiate the academic programs in the realm of computer science. It was amongst the earliest centers in India for higher education and research in the field. To meet the demands of growing curiosity and to fulfill the need of competent software professionals at home and abroad, our School has been acting as a beacon under its resolute load-star ever since its inception.

Students from the School have always relished the challenging work whatever its nature may be, through good moral fiber. Moral fiber of the students is molded by eminent professors of our university, through intra-facilities and through seminars conducted regularly to update the day to day development of the kaleidoscopic nature of information technology. The experienced faculties here always provide the channel to get charge out of challenging work and also provide the chapter and verse of the protean character of the technology through special intermittent lectures and by dove-tailing with students. This interactive and cooperative aura and the method of education are flower of techniques which have given an umpteen number of talented chartered software professionals, who bring the laurel to our institution.

With so many institutions providing the same education in computer science, SC&SS advances over others in alumni's thrall, who pay regular visit through seminars to inculcate and nurture the students in order to the school having to look its laurels from the very outset of program in computer science and to have gumption of the latest technology. SC&SS has reigned supreme, constantly giving that je ne sais quoi which distinguishes its professionals from other institutions.

Course curriculum of SC&SS is framed keeping the whole basic instinct of Computer Science, which fuels and gears up the student's talent in entire field, even in Research and Development area. As history says itself, the alumni working in domestic and multinational companies have got felicitations and reward for their outstanding performance and have outwitted and pre-empted professionals from other institutions on several occasions. The course structure is updated regularly to fit with the present demand of the technology.

The SC&SS, from the day of its existence, designs and offers courses for the benefit of its large family to promote interdisciplinary studies in the university also.