Jawaharlal Nehru University Placement Cell
जवाहरलाल नेहरू विश्वविद्यालय प्लेसमेंट सेल

Why JNU ?

Henry Giroux, a pioneering name in Critical Pedagogy and Culture studies, had famously observed that universities should be about more than developing work skills. They must also be about producing civic-minded and critically engaged citizens - citizens who can engage in debate, dialogue and bear witness to a different and critical sense of remembering, agency, ethics and collective resistance. JNU reflects precisely this understanding of a university. Amid the undulating ridges of the Aravalli Range, Jawaharlal Nehru University is a locus amoenus geographically as well as academically. Spread across an area of 1020 acres, it is aesthetically distributed into 12 Schools, 55 Centres, 6 Special Centres, Language and Science labs that are well-equipped with the latest technology, state of the art library, seminar rooms and highly advanced auditoriums. Stemming from the roots of historical ideals and modern civilization, JNU is a true amalgamation of critical thinking, interdisciplinary dialogue, and exemplary research that makes it incredibly successful in producing top class personalities in a diverse array of fields, be it bureaucrats, scientists professionals or public figures. Since its very inception, JNU has been a hallmark for providing the quality education in all the majoritarian streams of knowledge.

Pillars of Strength

JNU is a premier academic institution in our country that stands out for its commitment to creating a holistic learning environment for students coming from various parts of the country and beyond. Among a multitude of assets JNU boasts of, expert faculties who are distinguished in their respective fields, an exemplary infrastructure and an environment that is conducive to creating critical minds makes JNU stand out as a renowned institution. In JNU, students not only engage in constant intellectual stimulation through classroom lectures and inter disciplinary research but are also taught to be committed towards community service. Our campus is renowned for its greenery and openness (both literally and metaphorically) apart from its most striking feature of being PH friendly and gender just.

Pillar of Strengths

Placement Procedures

The Placement office of JNU extends invitation to all companies and organizations who are interested in campus recruitment. You can also see the Placement Cell Brochure 2019-20 for more details about schools, courses and students.

The procedures for campus recruitment are laid down below:

1. Companies/Organizations seeking to recruit students can send a mail directly to placement@mail.jnu.ac.in . The mail should specify the details of the company/organization; the nature of job and the qualifications of candidates required for the same.

2. Companies/Organizations are required to fill a mandatory Job Notification Form (JNF) .

3. Once the University Placement Cell receives the completed JNF with all the required details, companies shall be registered with the University Placement Cell.

4. Once students are shortlisted on the basis of the required criterias, the placement office shall notify the companies/organizations of the dates on which they can conduct the interviews.

5. After the completion of the selection process,the company/organizations shall announce the names of the selected candidates.

**Interested Companies/Organizations can conduct a Pre-Placement-Talk in the campus after procuring a permission for the same.

Company Registration

(Job Notifcation Form)

In case, you are finding diffulty to fill the form

Click Here to Fill the Job Notification Form