Alumni Association of JNU (AAJ)

Reaching out to University Alumni: JNU is proud to have as its alumni a collective of more than 80,000 social scientists, scientists civil servants, literary critics, media experts, foreign language experts, journalists, political leaders, social activists, technologists, managers and entrepreneurs over the last 35 years and more. This number will continue to grow. The University has established a Standing committee for Alumni Relations and International Linkages (SCRAIL) under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor since 2003. Currently, Prof. Neera Bhalla Sarin is the Chief Advisor, Alumni Affairs.

SCARIL aims to foster stronger relations between its alumni and others connected with the University. JNU recognizes its alumni as important stakeholders in its continuing quest to provide excellent education. It realises the enormous benefits that can come from the engagement and support of its alumni who have considerable expertise in many areas and can help identify strategic directions for JNU in the 21st century.


JNU is a leading national
centre of excellence in
higher education which is
trying to rank among the
top universities of the world.



The Association will be a
non-profit making Society
with the following aims and

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