The Mahi Mandavi hostel located on the JNU campus in Paschimabad –I khand   Mahi Mandavi is one of the newest hostel in JNU Campus. This hostel was started from the year 2001 as a boy’s hostel.  Rooms are duel occupancy. The side of the hostel is surrounded by the lush green forest. The hostel has 234 rooms and one dormitories hall with 20 beds. The hostel has a gym, a reading room and two TV rooms for residents. There are sports facilities like badminton court and carom board. The hostel provides an excellent environment for academic work of residents. 


Keeping with the democratic ethos of JNU, the Hostel elections are held every year at the beginning of the New Year and presided over by the four Wardens of the hostel. The Hostel President, the Hostel Committee with six members and the Mess Committee with the six members are elected every year.




Senior Warden

Mess Warden

Sanitation & Maintenance Warden

Health & Recreation Warden

Dr. Saumyajit Ray

Dr. Arun Kumar Srivastava

Prof. Mazar Asif


Dr. Gautam Kumar Jha