Research Methodology: Approaches, Concepts and Methods of Visual Studies (Compulsory)

- Prof Parul D. Mukherji

In recent decades, the discipline of art history has been transfused with new insights and approaches, often deriving from theoretical advances in neighbouring disciplines such as linguistics, literature, political theory, anthropology and new disciplines such as gender and cultural studies. Assuming students already have a base in a more traditional art historical methodology SAA in their MA, this SAA will focus on readings in new methodologies and approaches.

Suggested Topics and Readings:

• Structuralism and Semiotics • Marxism and Critical Theory

• Developments of Psychoanalysis

• Heidegger, Derrida,andPost-structuralism


•FeminismandGender •Perception,Reception,Visionand Visuality

• Postmodernism

• Anthropologies of Art and Cultural Studies • Collecting, Memory, and Museums

• Multiculturalism and Post-colonialism

Basic sourcebooks:

• CTAH: Critical Terms for Art History, Robert Nelson and Richard Shiff, eds, 2nd edn. (Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2003)

• AAH: The Art of Art History: a critical anthology, Donald Preziosi, ed. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998)

• AHIM: Art history and its methods: A critical anthology, Eric Fernie ed. (London, Phaidon, 4th ed 1999)