CIAS Thrust Areas

This Centre will work on the following thrust areas for its research and teaching programme, as here to fore:

  1. Strategic Dimensions and Geopolitics of Central Asia and Afghanistan
  2. India's relations with Central Asia, Afghanistan and Mongolia, particularly in the domains of education, culture, economics, industry and science & technology
  3. Ethnicity and Religion in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Xinjiang and Tibet.
  4. Religious Extremism and Terrorism in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Xinjiang.
  5. Society, Culture and Politics in Xinjiang and Tibet regions of China.
  6. Human Security and Gender Relations
  7. China's Nationalities Policy in Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia.
  8. Conflict Resolution and Nation-building process in Central Asia and Afghanistan.
  9. Social, Political and Economic Issues in Central Asia
  10. Energy resources and oil politics in Central Asia
  11. Transportation Networks and linkages between Central Asia and South Asia
  12. Cross border trade and linkages between Indian Himalayas and Central Asia including Xinjiang and Tibet
  13. Ecology and Sustainable Development