Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies is one of the newly created Centres with the objective of studying the informal sector which includes nonagricultural workers, agricultural labourers, peasants, fishermen, craftsmen, street vendors, domestic work etc. Since the overwhelming bulk of the working people are located in the informal sector which is also termed as the “Unorganized Sector”, the focus of teaching and research in the Centre is on labour processes and working conditions in the unorganised sector in the contemporary world, particularly the developing countries. This objective, being quite broad, makes the proposed Centre necessarily inter-disciplinary, since any study of the life of the working people must draw upon a whole range of disciplines: history, economics, political studies, sociology and others.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Rajesh Gupta
Mailing Address: Room No: 316
Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies
School of Social Sciences I
Jawaharlal Nehru University 
New Delhi 110067
Phone: 011-26738863