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ABVSME- Event Archive

ABVSME- Event Archive






21 Feb 2024     21 Feb 2024


12 Feb 2024     9 Feb 2024


ABVSME seminar     Arvind Gupta lecture


Tripurari Pandey     abvsme book launch


abvsme     abvsme     abvsme






ABVSME Bharat Ratna prog         abvsme seminar


"In today's data-driven world, organizations rely heavily on data analysis to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that can drive business growth and efficiency. By attending this summer school of ABVSME,  participants will learn various data analysis techniques, such as data cleaning, visualization, and statistical modeling, which are crucial for extracting valuable information from complex datasets"


Students who want to build or improve their data analysis skills, even if they do not currently work with data, might also benefit immensely from attending the course and also to acquire a competitive advantage in today's data-driven world must attend. Certificates will be issued to all the Participants after successful completion of the course (Criteria- Attendance and Periodical Assignments). Students should register by 2nd June 2023, Selected Students will be informed by mail by 3rd June 2023


ABVSME Summer School

ABVSME Parimal Raj          ABVSME Rajwani

ABVSME Rajneesh Singh          abvsme Sustainbility Awareness


ABVSME webinar         abvsme sonal kumar


abvsme-sunilbudhiraja         abvsme Prof Madhu Vij

GG Dwivedi          Vasileios Rokos

career path         ABVSME lecture

Workshop         Neha Parashar

D Goel         Abhishek Singh

Vinay Nangia         Gagan Singh

M Kaushik         webinar

ABVSME Sushil Kumar Sharma         Anil Kumar Talk

Deepak Kumar Srivastava         ABVSME Nitika Sharma

Exper Talk by Monika Srivastava         Atal Samvad

Time series data analysis         Atal Samvad

Atal Samvad          ABVSME webinar





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Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship (ABVSME), Jawaharlal Nehru University organisedOnline Two-week Faculty Development Programme from 20th July – 31st July, 2020 On COVID -19 New Age Teaching Pedagogy: Innovative Tools, Techniques and Research Methods for Efficient Business Management Teaching in Digital Era

Programme details

Programme Schedule

Those registered candidates who have not filled the form please complete it for the issue of certificate -  

  Theme Email id of resource person Feedback Form Assesment/QUIZ Case Study/Resource Material
DAY 1 (Monday 20July , 2020)

Media and Communication for Business Management in Digital Era

Quiz 1 -


Quiz 2 -


DAY 2 (Tuesday 21 July, 2020) Economic Environment and Policy in Digital Era

Quiz 3 -

Quiz 4 -

DAY 3 (Wednesday 22 July, 2020) Novel Approach in Management Learning,


Quiz 5 -

Quiz 6 -


"Case Method for Management Education and Case Writing"  with Mr. Ketan Gandhi
DAY 4 (Thursday 23 July, 2020) Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprises

 Quiz 7 -

Quiz 8  -

Incubation Management to Transform Research & Innovation in Academia
DAY 5 (Friday 24 July, 2020) Strategy Formulation and implementation of Digital Tools,


Quiz  9 -

Quiz 10 - 


Business Intelligence and Analytics and Data Visualization for Efficient Business Management


Big Data and Big Data Analytics


Big Data Analytics in the Management of Business


Big Data in Big Companies

DAY 6 (Monday 27 July, 2020) Analysis of Qualitative & Quantitative and Validation of Research Methods

Quiz 11 -

Quiz 12 -

DAY 7 (Tuesday 28 July, 2020)

Financial Tools and Skillset


Quiz 13 -

Quiz 14 -

Innovative Areas in Finance Research
DAY 8 (Wednesday 29 July, 2020) Perspectives on Contemporary HRM Research ,


Quiz 15 -

Quiz 16 -


Employee Engagement: in Light of Covid 19 Environment


DAY 9 (Thursday 30 July, 2020) Analytics and Consumer response Modelling

Quiz 17 -

Quiz 18 -

Redefining Customer Experience in the time of Covid19


Consumer Response Modeling with respect to Covid- 19 Pandemic

DAY 10 (Friday 31 July, 2020) E-learning and Development of e-Content


Quiz 19 -


Definition of Systematic Manipulation of the Publication Process


Research integrity corner


Thoughts on What Chemists Can Contribute to Fighting
SARS-CoV-2 – A Short Note on Hand Sanitizers, Drug Candidates and Outreach


Research and Development on Therapeutic Agents and Vaccines for COVID-19 and Related Human Coronavirus Diseases


Research and Publication Strategy for Academic Career




UGC - Research & Publication Ethics





















A warm welcome to the modified and updated website of the Centre for East Asian Studies. The East Asian region has been at the forefront of several path-breaking changes since 1970s beginning with the redefining the development architecture with its State-led development model besides emerging as a major region in the global politics and a key hub of the sophisticated technologies. The Centre is one of the thirteen Centres of the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi that provides a holistic understanding of the region.

Initially, established as a Centre for Chinese and Japanese Studies, it subsequently grew to include Korean Studies as well. At present there are eight faculty members in the Centre. Several distinguished faculty who have now retired include the late Prof. Gargi Dutt, Prof. P.A.N. Murthy, Prof. G.P. Deshpande, Dr. Nranarayan Das, Prof. R.R. Krishnan and Prof. K.V. Kesavan. Besides, Dr. Madhu Bhalla served at the Centre in Chinese Studies Programme during 1994-2006. In addition, Ms. Kamlesh Jain and Dr. M. M. Kunju served the Centre as the Documentation Officers in Chinese and Japanese Studies respectively.

The academic curriculum covers both modern and contemporary facets of East Asia as each scholar specializes in an area of his/her interest in the region. The integrated course involves two semesters of classes at the M. Phil programme and a dissertation for the M. Phil and a thesis for Ph. D programme respectively. The central objective is to impart an interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of history, foreign policy, government and politics, society and culture and political economy of the respective areas. Students can explore new and emerging themes such as East Asian regionalism, the evolving East Asian Community, the rise of China, resurgence of Japan and the prospects for reunification of the Korean peninsula. Additionally, the Centre lays great emphasis on the building of language skills. The background of scholars includes mostly from the social science disciplines; History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, International Relations and language.

Several students of the centre have been recipients of prestigious research fellowships awarded by Japan Foundation, Mombusho (Ministry of Education, Government of Japan), Saburo Okita Memorial Fellowship, Nippon Foundation, Korea Foundation, Nehru Memorial Fellowship, and Fellowship from the Chinese and Taiwanese Governments. Besides, students from Japan receive fellowship from the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.