CIS ITPolicy

IT Policy for the University

Need for  IT Policy

IT policies and guidelines form the foundation of the Institution’s IT security program. Effective policies are a sign of due diligence and are  often necessary in the event of an IT audit or litigation. Policies also serve as blueprints that help the institution for  implementing  IT security measures.


IT Policy is needed for

  1. Proper use of IT resources including Internet bandwidth
  2. Control on activities on the university network that are neither  related to academic work nor eGovernance of the university.
  3. IT Security

A  document on “IT Policies & Guidelines” has been prepared  that would be relevant in the context of  our university. This document was discussed in the Users’ Group meeting, and  subsequently approved  by the competent authority of the university.

Further,  an Implementation Committee comprising Prof. Alok Bhattacharya, Dean,SIT,  Prof. R. Ramaswamy, SPS, Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar, SBT and Prof. Ashok K Rastogi , Director, CIS  was formed by the V.C.

This Committee had its first meeting on 6th July, 2006.


What does "IT Policies & Guidelines" Document Contain:

The document of  "Jawaharlal Nehru University IT Policies and Guidelines" is now available on the website.

IT policies are  classified into following groups:

  •  IT Hardware Installation  Policy
  • Software Installation and Licensing Policy
  • Network (Intranet & Internet) Use Policy
  • E-mail  Account Use Policy
  • Web Site Hosting Policy
  • University Database(of eGovernance) Use Policy

Further, responsibilities of the CIS, UCMC, Schools/Centres or Departments, and the different  Administrative Units are  also elaborated.

This document also gives certain guidelines related to Computer Naming conventions, running Application or Information Servers, Hosting web Pages and Desktop users.

At the end of the IT Policy document,  an Agreement called “ Campus Network Services Use Agreement” is attached. All the users who use the university network will automatically agree to abide by that.

A few application forms that are useful for getting IP address allocated for the Desktop/Laptop/server,  for getting the  Net Access ID for network access, and  for Email account creation, are made available for the convenience of the network user community.