Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship

The Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship in JNU (ABVSME, JNU) is a newly created school in the university.
At the current juncture when our nation is putting every effort to empower its youth, entrepreneurship assumes immense significance. Yet, there are few if any quality institutions, offering management degrees in entrepreneurship in India. Therefore, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship in JNU would carve out a niche and fill this gap.
A number of factors are likely to contribute to the success of this school of JNU.
  • JNU has strong national and international credentials and a brand image. The addition of ABVSME to its existing schools will add to its already strong brand image.
  • JNU is located close to industry in the Delhi NCR region. This locational advantage would bolster its placement programme.
  • JNU’s proximity to high quality institutions like IIT-Delhi, IIFT, IMI, FMS, and University of Delhi allows for synergy through meaningful collaborations.
  • JNU can also create a Research Industry Park in the way many global universities have done. Given that JNU has enough land, it could utilize some part of it to accommodate a Research Industrial Park. The other schools at JNU that would benefit from sharing such a Park are:
The three important aspects that The Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship in JNU would be the following:
  1. Being a chief executive in the corporate sector, involves making difficult decisions on a case by case basis, managing teams, and executing a strategy.  Every student of ABVSME should be able to put himself/herself in the shoes of such a corporate leader, decide exactly what he/she would do and how he/she would do it. It would also mean living with the consequences of that decision, something all corporate leaders must face in their careers.


  2. The ABVSME curriculum would focus on self-reflection. On completion of a programme in ABVSME students should leave JNU with a better understanding of the purpose in life than they did before entering the programme, and have the tools to continue on a path of self-exploration.


  3. The most irreplaceable aspect of the ABVSME would be the people: the faculty and the students.  Students should realize how crucial it is to experience perspectives different from their own, to meet people from all walks of life, and to embrace the socio-economic and linguistic diversity of our country. The programmes at ABVSME in JNU should teach students not only to see the many sides of a given problem, but also to appreciate the importance of including voices different from their own in every conversation and decision making process.