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Current openings:

DST has invited research project proposals for funding under various schemes. May please visit the following URLs for more information:


1. Indo-Norway Joint Call on Bio-Economy:


2. 2017 BRICS Call for Proposals for BRICS Multilateral R&D Projects :


3. DST-DFG Awards for participation in the 68th Meeting of Nobel Laureates & Students, Lindau, Germany :


4. Joint Call between India and Austria for exchange visits :


5. Advertisement for call for proposal for DST-NRDMS Summer/Winter Schools in Geospatial S&T - 2017 - 2019 :


6. Call for proposals in Basic Sciences with Russia (Russian Foundation for Basic Research) :


7. Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA): Smart Grids :


8. Multi-Institutional Centres on Materials for Energy Conservation and Storage Platform (MECSP) - 2017 :


9. Submission of Proposals under Nano Mission :


10. Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) Announces Call for Grant Applications for Indo-German R & D Partnership on research projects with industrial relevance :


11. Indo - Norway Joint Energy Call 2017 :


Figure shows the tentative research to be carried out in proposed Indo-Russian Research project. Approved and sanctioned by Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi. INDIAN PI: Dr. Pratima R. Solanki, Special Centre for Nanoscience, Jawaharlal Nehru University, E-mail:; RUSSIAN PI: Prof. Sergei S.Eremin, A., A.N. Bakh Institute of Biochemistry, Research Centre of Biotechnology of Russian Academy of Science Email:





Biotechnology Ignition Grant(BIG) Workshop on 27th January 2017




A seminar on "Utilizing Online Learning in Educational Institutions to

Improve Learning Outcomes" by Dr. Manish Gupta