UCMC Process


There are two options of logging complaints:

OPTION 1:  Dial the number 4133, and ask for complaint number from the UCMC.

OPTION 2:  If you have access to Internet, please visit http://helpdesk.jnu.ac.in and register your complaint online. After registering your complaint, you can also see the status of your complaint by tracking your Call ID

OPTION 3: For further assistance UCMC incharge may be contacted at inder@mail.jnu.ac.in and tsingh@jnu.ac.in and also End Point Support at endpointsupport @mail.jnu.ac.in


If the problem is not rectified or the user is not satisfied with the support provided, he can then escalate his problem to Level-I i.e. Sr. Systems Analyst at CIS, Hall No.3, LHC, SBT Building at phone number 8717 (PABX) and email skumar@mail.jnu.ac.in.


Subsequently, the complaint may be escalated to higher levels if issue is not getting resolved at all i.e. to Director, CIS at Room No. 217, Admin Block, JNU, phone 4116 (PABX) and email director_cis@mail.jnu.ac.in


In case of problems related to Operating System of a Desktop or Laptops under warranty (e.g. Windows), the supplier of Desktop or OEM of Desktop/Laptop (i.e. Dell/Acer/ Wipro/ HP etc.) should be contacted.

Scope of work of AMC

  1. The AMC covers comprehensive maintenance of Desktop Computers only, in School/ Centre / Department of JNU.

  2. The AMC covers provision of technical staff in the JNU from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on all working days (Monday to Friday)

  3. The AMC also includes maintenance of general purpose software procured by JNU and installed in the computers and peripherals. Configuration of Email clients such as outlook, Antivirus, Printer driver etc., end-user network and IP configuration.

  4. The maintenance team may provide software support only on all PCs of the JNU including those under warranty. The services will however remain limited to formatting of HDD, installation of commonly used software etc.

  5. The maintenance team is responsible for basic end point configuration and troubleshooting of networks and preventive maintenance with virus detection and corrective maintenance of the computers under AMC and also maintenance of software.

  6. The maintenance team is responsible for maintaining VIRUS free computer environment in JNU New Delhi.

  7. The maintenance team is responsible for basic LAN troubleshooting at end points.

  8. Any reported fault would be taken up by the service engineers within one hour.  As far as possible, the repairs would be carried out on site itself.  However, in case the equipment is taken to the workshop, the firm would provide a standby for the same.

  9. A logbook shall be maintained in which the RE shall record all the complaints related to computers and networks and submit a weekly / monthly report with all the complaints alongwith root cause analysis (RCA). 

  10. Repair and servicing of equipments can be carried out at site after attending the complaint by replacement method and the same shall be done within 7 days of the receipt of the complaints. The replacement of components shall be free of charge,

  11. The replacement also involves all items of equipments:- including major parts such as monitors,  HDD, SMPS, CPU, motherboards etc but excluding, consumables such as computer stationery, ribbon, ink/toner cartridges etc.

  12. The firm shall carry out preventive maintenance regularly and shall plan, as per schedule of quantities, such that maintenance is carried out in each equipment at least once in three months. A separate logbook should be maintained to record the preventive maintenance carried out on each equipment.