MPhil/PhD Programme

The MPhil programme of the Centre is intended to introduce the students to research in history and archaeology. The students' knowledge of the period or area of research is further extended through lecture and seminar courses in the first two semesters. The dissertation is expected to be written over the third and fourth semesters.

Those seeking admission to the MPhil/PhD programme are required, at the time of the viva-voce, to bring with them a synopsis of about 500 words on their research theme, indicating the questions and issues to be explored, and the types of sources to be consulted.

Candidates applying for MPhil/PhD (History) programme are allowed to exercise only one option, that is, Ancient or Medieval or Modern, and the chosen option must be clearly mentioned at appropriate column in the Application Form as well as on the top of the answer-book supplied to the candidates in the Examination Hall. Candidates may please note that the answer-books carrying more than one option will be considered invalid.