CSSS Academic Emphasis

The research work and publications undertaken by the Centre reflect its continued engagement with emerging societal issues at local, national and global levels. The Centre has made efforts in evolving innovative courses and research programs to address some of these issues, but these efforts need to be strengthened further by augmenting academic resources of the Centre. Study and research in other areas listed below need further consolidation:

  • Sociological Theory;
  • Quantitative Methods in Social Research;
  • Social Demography;
  • Social Psychology;
  • Historical Anthropology;
  • Social Ecology;
  • Sociology of Globalization;
  • Media Studies;
  • Modern Indian Social Thought; and
  • Sociology of Science

In pursuance of its mandate, the faculty, students and research staffs of the Centre have, over the years, made valuable contributions in the following areas:

  • Sociology of Modernization and Development;
  • Sociology of Professions and Professionalization;
  • Sociology of Social Stratification;
  • Sociology of Social Movements and Social Mobilization;
  • Studies of Marginalized Groups, Minorities and Dalits;
  • Sociology of Tribes and Ethnicity;
  • Sociology of Education;
  • Sociology of Knowledge;
  • Sociology of Gender and Gender Relations;
  • Sociology of the Indian Diaspora;
  • Sociology of Religion; and
  • Culture Studies