CSSS Special Programs

Centre for Advanced Studies

The University Grants Commission selected the Centre for induction and support under Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) Program whereby a grant of INR 59.50 lakhs (INR 28 lakhs for non-recurring expenditure and INR 31.50 lakhs for recurring expenses for 5 year to strengthen the infrastructure and other aspects) was awarded to the Centre.

Grants under the CAS Program are earmarked for the:

  • Equipment’s – Multimedia Lab.
  • Building.
  • Reprographic Facilities.
  • Contingency.
  • Travel/Field Facilities/Field Trips.
  • Seminars/Conferences/Workshops.
  • Visiting Fellows.
  • Books and Journals.
  • Hiring Charges.
  • Advisory Committee Meetings.

Grants under the CAS are also available for fieldwork by faculty members of the Centre in the following thrust areas:

  • Economy, Society and Culture in the Era of Globalization.
  • Ethnicity, Caste, Identity and Social Movements.
  • Sociology of Knowledge, including Indigenous Knowledge and Indian Social Thought.
  • Sociology of Science and Technology including Information and Communication.