International Collaboration - Members list




Standing Committee of International Collaboration


Prof. Girish Nath Jha, SCSS, Director (Int. Col)Chairman
Dean of Students (ex officio)Member
Director, JNIAS/JNU (ex officio)Member
Director R & D (ex officio)Member
Prof. A L Ramanathan, SESMember
Prof. Ajay Saxena, SLSMember
Prof. Vibha Tandon, SCMMMember
Prof. Mazhar Mehdi Hussain, CIL/SLL&CSMember
Prof. Satish Chand, SC&SSMember
Prof. Milap Punia, CSRD/SSSMember
Prof. Ummu Salma Bawa, CES/SISMember
Prof. Naman Ahuja, SA&AMember
Prof. Varaprasad Sekhar Dolla, CEAS/SISMember
Shri O.P. Jaiswal, Section OfficerMember Secretary



The term of the members of the reconstituted Standing Committee will be two years w.e.f. July 1, 2016.