SLS Facilities

The Central Instrumentation Facility

The Central Instrument Facility (CIF) constitutes the heart of the cooperative research activities at the School set up from the University resources and assisted by UGC COSIST and DSA (SAP) supports. 
This facility houses some hundred odd sophisticated specialized equipment for research works of students and the faculty. The CIF remains open 24 hrs a day through out the year. 

Besides the SLS, the users of this unique facility are the researchers from other Schools and Centers of the University as well as from other Universities and Institutes in Delhi and other parts of the country. Under UGC University link activities the CIF facilities are permitted to researchers to carry out their short-term projects under the guidance and cooperation of SLS faculty and School’s technical staff.


The Teaching Instrument Facility

The School has from the very inception, placed importance on the laboratory works by the students at M.Sc. level. 
The laboratory credits constitute a major proportion of M.Sc. course structure. In order to provide opportunities to students to develop experimental skills, the School has set up a Central Teaching Laboratory Facility that houses both indigenous and imported equipments that are dedicated for use by M.Sc. students for their laboratory exercises and independent group projects.


The Photographic Facility

This facility at the School effectively caters not only to the needs of the School, but also helps other members of the university and institutions located on the campus. Specialized services available in the photographic unit include both color and black and white photography, preparation of slides, preparation of scientific artwork. The unit has facilities for taking of photographs of a variety of biological and scientific material including tissue culture, plant and microbial material, all types of electrophoresis gels, and autoradiograms.


The Computer, E-mail and Internet Facility

The School has set up facilities for in-house use of computers, E.mail and internet services for the students, project staffs and the faculty. This unit provides a variety of services to the students in literature search, computation and graphics


The Glass Blowing Unit

This unit at SLS serves the need of designing small apparatus, glass joints and chromatography columns etc. First semester M.Sc. students are allowed to learn simple glass blowing skills using this facility. This glass blowing unit is the only one of its kind in the University.



A departmental library has recently been started in SLS. This facility has been opened to provide the students textbooks, selected periodicals and reading materials during working hours. The School plans on further developing this unit and initiate a book loan system for needy students.


The Experimental Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden at SLS is used by Ph.D. students and faculty at SLS, SES & CBT for growing plants for use in their experiments.


Central Laboratory Animal Resources (CLAR)

The Jawaharlal Nehru University Central Laboratory Animal Resources (CLAR) is situated in the south corner of the campus adjacent to the post office. The facility is registered under Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), Ministry of Environment and Forest, GOI (Reg. No 19/GO/ReBi/S/CPCSEA dated: 10.03.1999) which provide professional and technical services for the Animal research Project, awarded by different scientific funding agencies to the faculty and students of various science schools and centers in JNU. CLAR to ensure humane care to the animals and their use, necessary for the pursuit and achievement of scientific excellence and is build and maintained strictly in accordance to the CPCSEA guidelines and Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) of JNU . Different species and strains are kept separately in animal rooms maintained under standard room temperature of 22o to 25o C, 50-55% relative humidity, 12:12 hour light and dark cycle with 100% fresh air circulation and uninterrupted power and water supply. CLAR facility is looked after by a full time well qualified Veterinary officer led by a team of technical assistants and animal caretakers well experienced and trained in animal care, breeding and husbandry. All the procedures directed by the CLAR Advisory Committee & CLAR Committee in order to keep the CLAR hygienic and infection free are routinely followed strictly by the staff under the guidance of Veterinary officer. The Nude Mice Facility Committee is looking and establishing the Nude Mice Facility for CLAR.  
              The Principal investigators/Research scholars are required to fill up the Forms for IAEC approval and also requested to maintain and submit necessary forms before and after completion of all experiments. 
Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) of JNU

  1. Prof. Deepak Sharma
    School of Life Sciences (SLS)/JNU
    Phone no. 011 26704508

Chairman cum biological Scientist

  1. Dr. R. Gopinath 
    43, Second Floor, Delhi Govt. Officers flats, Greater Kailash-I New Delhi – 110048
    Mobile No. 07838598570 

CPCSEA Nominee

  1. Dr. Uma Bhandari 
    Zamia Hamzard University
    New Delhi -110062 
    Mobile No. 09873887278

Link Nominee 

(In the event of non-availability Dr. Gopinath , Dr. Uma Bhandari, may be called for the IAEC meeting

  1. Shri. Hans Raj Punhani
    124, Bank Vihar Apartments 
    Sector-22, Plot no. 16, Dwarka New Delhi -75
    Mobile No. 99654016014

Non Scientific Socially Aware Member

  1. Dr. R.J. Tirpude 
    Scientist E, Joint Director 
    D.R. & D.O, Govt. of India (DIPAS) Timar Pur, 
    Delhi – 110054 
     Mobile – 9868217111

Scientist from outside the Institute

  1. Prof. P.C. Rath 
    School of Life Sciences (SLS) JNU

Scientist from different Biological discipline

  1. Dr. Paul Raj
    School of Environmental Sciences (SES) JNU

Scientist from different Biological Discipline

  1. Dr. Sushil Kumar Jha
    School of Life Sciences (SLS) JNU

Scientist In-charge AHF

  1. Dr. Dinesh Kanwar Yadav

Veterinarian / Member Secretary- IAEC

Animal House Advisory Committee

  1. Prof. B.C. Tripathy 

Dean, SLS 


  1. Prof. Deepak Sharma



  1. Prof. Rakesh Bhatnagar



  1. Prof. Sudha Bhattacharya



  1. Prof. C. K. Mukhopadhyaya



  1. Prof. Rana P. Singh


Member cum Faculty In-charge, A.H

  1. Dr. Niti Puri



  1. Dr. Dinesh K. Yadav

Veterinary officer Animal House 


Animal House Committee

  1. Dr. Deepak Sharma

Faculty In-charge Animal House


  1. Dr. Rana Pratap Singh



  1. Dr. Niti Puri



The Nude Mice Facility Committee 

  1. Dr. P.C. Rath



  1. Dr. Rana Pratap Singh



  1. Dr. Niti Puri



  1. Dr. Rakesh Tyagi



  1. Dr. R. Venkatesan 

Animal House



Form B- Application for permission for Animal Experiments

Guidelines for filling Form B

Form C -Record of animals bred / acquired / transferred. (to be maintained by Animal House)

Form D- Record of Animals Acquired and Experiments performed (to be maintained by the investigator)

Advance indent

Demand voucher for Laboratory Animals

Death/Discard Report

Requisition Form

Intimation Form