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School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SLL&CS)

Ever since it was established in 1969. The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies has emerged in India and abroad as a major centre for teaching and research in Languages, Literatures and Cultures of India, Asia and Europe.The school first initiated the study of mainly European and some Asian languages in its five- year integrated B.A./M.A. programmes and part-time Certificate and Diploma courses.Today, in addition, there are two-year post graduate and research programmes in English, Hindi, Linguistics, and Urdu. Besides, research programmes are available in philosophy and semiotics.

In major modern European languages French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Arabic-the school offers under graduate, post-gratuate and research programmes focussing on languages, Literatures, translation, interpretation and culture studies.There are post graduate and research programmes in English, in Lingustics, in Hindi and in Urdu and research fecilities in Semiotics. The school also organises Certificate and Diploma programmes in some foreign languages such as Italian, Mongoiian, Portuguese, Bhasa Indoneasia, Pushtu and Urdu. It is the only school in the country that offers a B.A. programme in Korean language.

Besides the foreign languages and literature's, study and research in Indian languages and literatures, including English is also major focus. Though at present these programmes exist only in English, Hindi and Urdu, the school hopes to add other Indian languages in a phased manner, perhaps beginning with Sanskrit, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi.

An equally important input to the School's academic and research activities is provided by the Group of Philosophy which, in conformity with the inter-disciplinary ethos of JNU, focusses in its programmes on the origin and development of philosophy within the framework of specific socio-historical contexts and conditions.

There are plans to enrich the philosophy programme by introducing progressively Hebrew, Latin and Greek studies the Buddhist and the Jaina philosophy and the theistic Indian School.

The School has its own journal, "Journal of the School of Languages" (JSL), which started publication in the seventies and has over the years published significant research on literature's, languages, comparative studies, translation and semiotics on themes that cut across language boundaries and enable an exploration of the whole problematic of inter and intra cultural communication.

Prof. Rekha V. Rajan

Centre of German Studies
School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067

Welcome to Jawaharlal Nehru University
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