Student Interaction Series
The Human Rights Studies Programme held the 1st Student Interaction Series on November 10, 2017. The Interaction Series included presentations by nine students registered for the MA Optional Course on Globalization of Human Rights.
The following students presented their work:
1.      Veronica Sudesh - Impact of Information and Communication technologies on Human Rights
2.      Tenzin Choedon - State Surveillance and Human Rights
3.      Bharti - Right to privacy and homosexuality
4.      Khusboo - India’ s position on homosexuality and Privacy
5.      Najibullah – Contributions of the Human Rights Committee’s to Human Rights Law
6.      Shristi Gupta - Role and Status of Civil Society in National and International Sphere
7.      Suchismita Panda - Homosexuality and Right to Privacy
8.      Susmita Paul - Contributions of the Human Rights Committee's under ICCPR (Prohibition on Torture)
9.      Sweta Yadav - Extra territorial Jurisdiction of States
The student coordinators were Susmita Paul and Neha Singh.
The student Rapporteur was Ms. Suchismita Panda.