CES BA Tool Courses


Course Code

Course Title

Spoken English

ES 226 E

A Basic Course in Spoken English

ES 227 E

Spoken Communication Skills

ES 228 E

Spoken English for Conferences and Seminars

ES 229 E

English Pronunciation for Interpreters

English Grammar

ES 231 E

Elementary English Grammar

ES 232 E

Remedial English Grammar

ES 233 E

Advanced English Grammar

ES 234 E

Contrastive English Grammar

Structure of English

ES 236 E

A Course in English Vocabularies - I

ES 237 E

A Course in English Vocabularies - II

ES 238 E

Basic Sentence Structure

Comprehension and Composition

ES 241 E

A Course in Comprehension

ES 242 E

Rhetoric of English Comprehension

ES 243 E

Rhetoric of English Composition

ES 245 E

Language in Use


ES 246 E

Study Skills

ES 247 E

Interpretation of Texts

ES 248 E

Reading Strategies for Specialised Texts