CES MPhil/PhD Courses


Course Code

Course Title

Resear Meth

ES 601 E

Research Methodology

English Language

ES 602 E

History And Development of English Language

ES 603 E

Phonology and Syntax of English

ES 604 E

Structure of Contemporary English

ES 605 E

Current Theories of English Language Teaching

ES 606 E

English in Contact

ES 607 E

Language and Interpretation

ES 608 E

Socio-Linguistic Study of Literature

ES 609 E

Stylistics and Discourse Analysis

Literature in Other Englishes

ES 621 E

English Writings in the Third World

ES 622 E

Indian English in Its Socio-Cultural & Historical Setting

ES 623 E

Teaching of English in India

ES 631 E

African Literature in English

ES 632 E

Contemporary Australian Literature

ES 636 E

Readings in American Literature

ES 637 E

African-American Literature

Translation Studies and Comparative Literature and Poetics

ES 641 E

Translation of Literary Texts

ES 642 E

Comparative Literature

ES 646 E

Literature in India

ES 647 E

Indian Poetics

ES 648 E

Indian Philosophical Tradition

ES 649 E

Indian Linguistic Tradition

ES 650 E

Vakyapadiya: Philosophy of Language & Linguistics

Literary Theory and Criticism

ES 656 E

Critical Approaches to Literature

ES 657 E

Readings in English Literary Criticism

ES 658 E

New Criticism

ES 661 E

Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory

ES 662 E

Twentieth Century Literary Theory

ES 666 E

Novel and Society

ES 667 E

Women and Literature

ES 668 E

Literature of Colonialism & Decolonization

ES 669 E

Literature and Philosophy

Semiotics, Structuralism, etc.

ES 676 E

Semiotics of Creative Process in Language & Literature

ES 677 E

Saussure and Semiology

ES 678 E

Structuralism and Literary Critique

ES 679 E


Culture Studies

ES 681 E

Interpretation of Texts

ES 682 E

Conceptual Structures in Language, Literature, Art & Culture


ES 690 E

Seminar - I

ES 691 E

Seminar - II