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Students meeting with Administration

No protest within 100 meters radius

Prof Girish Nath Jha, Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies, receives the "Datta Peetha Aasthaana Vidvana" award

Press Release CMS based website

Message for JNU community

Prof. Shankar Prasad Das, SPS, selected for the prestigious JC Bose National Fellowship

Prof. Dinesh Mohan, SES, elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)

Dr Sonu Saini, CRS, SLLCS, wins International Pedagogical Skills Award

Press Note dt:23.6.2017

Press Note dt:22.6.2017

Press Note dt:19.6.2017

Press Note dt:17.6.2017

Single Seater List (Boys)

Press Note: Wall of Heroes

Payment of Non-NET Fellowship

JNU approaches UGC for releasing funds

No protest zone (admin)

Appeal dt. 04.04.2017

DHC Matter JNU Vs CP Delhi

Grievance Redressal System

Urgent Appeal dt. 25-03-2017

Appeal Against Strike dt.23-03-2017

Hon'ble High court order dt. 9.03.2017

Clarification to media report on CSDE

Updates on 13-March-2017 Incident

Meeting with Faculty members

Meeting of the Vice-Chancellor with agitating students: UGC Gazette Notification 2016 and JNU Admissions

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Meeting with Students

Thanks to all Administration Staff

Illegal Occupation of Admn building

Appeal (23-02-2017)

Appeal (22-02-2017)

Appeal (21-02-2017)

Appeal (18-02-2017)

Appeal for JNU Community

Appeal for JNU Students

Mahi Mandavi incident

Appeal for JNU Students (03/02/2017)

Press Release (03/02/2017)

Press Release (30/01/2017)

UGC Gazette Notification

Meeting with JNUTA

Appeal from Registrar's Office

Notice from Vice-Chancellor for JNU community

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"एक ग्रेड के चार अंक के पैमाने पर 3.91 के सीजीपीए के साथ मूल्यांकन एवं प्रत्यायन परिषद मान्यता प्राप्त जेएनयू" (नैक द्वारा उच्चतम ग्रेड)।

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The ones who want to acheive and win championships motivate themselves.- Mike Ditka

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