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Ph.D . (Currently de-registered)

Ph.D . (Currently de-registered)

Year of Admission Name Topic/Area of work Supervisor Email ID
1996-97 Rafay Gazaz Husain Strengrhs and Limits of Integrated Child Development Services - A Comparative Study of Patna and East-Champaran Districts of Bihar Prof. Imrana Qadeer
1997-98 Saleema Razvi Emergence of Health Insurance in India with A Focus on Private Sector Insurance and its Potential Users - A Public Health Perspective  Prof. Imrana Qadeer
1998-99 S. Kavitha Women 's Perception and Utilisation of Health-Related Government Programmes: A Study of Mulanur Block in Erode District  Prof. Imrana Qadeer   
1998-99 Ramananda Wangkherakpan Impact of Small Dams on Health and Well - Being: A Case - Study of Ithai Barrage in Manipur Prof. K.R. Nayar  
1999-2000 Dr. Anjum Soni Factors influencing interaction between tribal population and health services in Bastar Region with respect to Malaria Prof. K.R. Nayar;
2000-2001 Shashi Rani Health Services in the Public Sector Industry - A Case Study of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limites (BHEL), in Haridwar (Uttaranchal) and Bhopal (M.P.) Dr. Alpana D.Sagar
2000-2001 Shiv Kumar Psycho-Social and Healt Correlates of Reproductive Failure: A Study of Couples seeking Treatment of Infertility in the City of Allahabad, U.P. Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya  
2001-2002 Rakesh Kumar Mishra District Mental Health Programme and Evaluation Running in Kanpur Prof. Mohan Rao
2003-04 Dr. Atul Kotwal  Defining Rational Use of Medical Technology: A Study of Injection Practices in Pune  Prof. Ritu Priya
2003-04 Dr.Rashmi Shirali Clinical Research in India - A Case Study of Clinical Trails in Oncology Prof. Mohan Rao
2003-04 Nitu Singh Western Medical Practice in Bihar: An Ethnographic Study Prof. K.R. Nayar
2003-04 Sangeeta Singh Access to Health Services: The Role of Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA)  Prof. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2003-04 Sutanya Mohapatra The Application of An Ethics Framework for Public Health to HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Centres in Visakhapatnam District Prof. Ritu Priya Mehrotra  
2003-04 K. Kaveesher A Sociological Study of the Needs of Families with HIV-Affected Children in Hyderabad and Rangareedy Districts of Andhra Pradesh: A Sociological Study Prof. Ritu Priya
2003-04 Vishwambhar Nath Tripathi Illness Pattern and its Social Dynamics: A Focus on Gender Differentials among the adult population of Khirkiya Block of Harda District Prof. Ritu Priya
2004-05 Sachitra Chitrakar Social Context of Foreign Labour Migration: A Study of Differential Impact on the Well Being of Children in Nepal Prof. K.R. Nayar
2004-05 Smriti Srivastava   Prof. Ritu Priya
2004-05 Shafqat Majeed Bhat Conflict in Jammu and Kashmir: Implications for Health and Well Being Prof. K.R. Nayar
2004-05 Dr. Ghodajkar Prachine Rajeshrao Discourses in Quality of Health Care: Perceptions among the 'Mang' and 'Maratha' Communities of Nanded District, Maharashtra Prof. Ritu Priya
2004-05 Rajeev Sadanandan The Influence of Social and Economic Factors on Epidemiological Transition of a Rural Community: A Study of Four Panchayats in Kerala Prof. Rama V. Baru
2004-05 Oommen C. Kurian The role of Community Based Health Insurance in Achieving Universal Care Prof. Mohan Rao  
2005-06 R. Venkatesan Environment and Health Problems in Dyeing and Bleaching Industries: An Ethnographic Study of Karur District, Tamilnadu Prof. K.R. Nayar
2005-06 Jagdev Sharma Waste Management and Health of the Waste Workers: A Study in Shimla City, Himachala Pradesh  Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya
2005-06 Reetu Sharma Inter-Sectoral Convergence between Reproductive and Child Health and Integrated Child Development Scheme: A Case Study of Rajasthan Dr. Sunita Reddy
2005-06 Lijiu K.M. Caring for the Terminally Ill an Enquiry in to the Palliative Care Movement in Malabar Prof. K.R. Nayar
2005-06 Anns Issac Soci-Economic Dimension of Agrarian Distress: A Study of Wayanad District in Kerala Prof. Mohan Rao & Prof. Ramila Bisht
2005-06 Dr. Kausik Ray Barman Integration of Health Service Delivery through Primary Health Care: An Epidemological Study in Haryana Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2005-06 Dr. Ritu Khatri Ecology and Health: A Study of Rajasthani Migrant Leather Workers in Mumbai Prof. Ritu Priya
2005-06 Gargi Biswas Social Construction of Mental Illness: A Study of Women Inpatients in a Mental Hospital in West Bengal Prof. Rama V. Baru
2006-07 Nisha Kumari Sex Selective Abortions in Haryana: A Socio-Economical Analysis Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya;
2006-07 Raj Shree Singh Social Consequences of Disability Prof. Rama V. Baru
2006-07 Jyotsna Sivaramayya Role of Community Participation in Increasing Access to Health Services: A Village Study in Seoni District of Madhya Pradesh Prof. Ritu Priya
2007-08 Lakshmi Kutty Narayanan Nutrition and Food in the Treatment of Tuberculosis:Exploring the Changing Discourse in Policy Dialogues and Public Health Debates   Prof. Mohan Rao
2007-08 Atreyee Hazra Anti Human Trafficking Initiatives in Jharkhand: Linkages and Interfaces Prof. K.R. Nayar
2007-08 Kriti Singh Utilization of Maternal Health Services: A Study of the Urban Poor in South Delhi Prof. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2007-08 Susrita Neogi (Roy) Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Addressing Inequities in Access to Health Services: Case Studies from Rajasthan Prof. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2007-08 Prasad M. Gopal Rebuilding Lives as Water Recedes: A Case Study of Post-Tsunami Disaster Phase in Kollam District, Kerala Prof. K.R. Nayar
2007-08 M.Poukindin  Barriers in Access to Health Services in the Contexts of Conflict: A Study of Tamenglong District, Manipur Prof. Rama V. Baru
2007-08 Anindya Das Lived Reality' and the 'Construction' of Mental Illness: A Biographical Study Prof. Mohan Rao
2007-08 Dr. Reeta Khashu Nee Dar An Exploration into Medico, Legal, Social and Ethical Issues of Brain Stem Dead (BSD) Donation and Transplanation: A Case Study of Armed Forces Organ Retrieval and Transplant Authority Prof. Rajib Dasgupta & Dr. Sunita Reddy
2007-08 Geeta Malik Role of Auxiliary Nurse Midwives in the Delivery of Health Services Under National Rural Health Mission in Alwar District of Rajasthan Prof. K.R. Nayar
2008-09 Rupa Prasad Missing Midwifery: Relevance for Contemporary Challenges in Maternal Health in Bihar Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2008-09 Kaushik Saikia Health Sector Reform ande Equity in Access to Health Services: A Critical Analysis of Targeted Public Health Insurance Programmes in India Prof. Rama V. Baru
2008-09 Muhammed Swalih P. Underdevdelopment, Socio-Geographical Spaces and Livelihood Patterns: A Study of Fishing Communities in Kerala  Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya
2008-09 Sabina Singh Gender, Power Relations and Well-Being among Local and Migrant Agricultural Labourers in Hoshiarpur District, Punjab. Prof. Ramila Bisht
2008-09 Ramya P.M. Changing Patterns of Livelihood and Health of Paniya Women: An Ethnographic Study of Sultan Bathery Gram Panchayat, Wayanad District, Kerala Dr. Sunita Reddy
2008-09 Vishavpreet Kaur Social Exclusion of Women in a Resettlement Colony: A Case Study of Bawana, Delhi Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya
2008-09 Rani Rohini Raman Violence in the Context of Choice Marriages : A Study of Haryana and Punjab Prof. Rama V. Baru;
2008-09 Jacob Kuruvilla Social Epidemiology of Potentially Malignant Oral Disorders among the Tribal Population of Idukki District in Kerala Prof. K.R. Nayar
2009-10 Mita Deshpande Embodiment of Inequalities: A Study of Health and Well-being among Dalit Women in Raichur District, Karnataka Prof. Rama V. Baru
2009-2010 Javaid Rashid Child Welfare, Conflict and the State: A Study of Anantnag and Srinagar Districts of Kashmir Dr. Sunita Reddy
2009-2010 Bhat Iqball Majeed Transhumance, Armed Conflict and Healthcare Services: A Study of the Bakkarwals of Jammu and Kashmir ’  Prof. Mohan Rao
2009-2010 Rohini Kandhari Stem Cell Research and Experimentation in India: Mapping Practice and Policy Prof. Mohan Rao
2009-2010 Kuheli Das Experiencing the Repercussions of Ethnic Conflict: A Study among Bodo and Bengali Muslims of Chirang District Assam Prof. Ramila Bisht
2009-2010 Smritima Diksha Lama Tea Industry and its workers in Darjeeling: An Analysis of Health, Economy and State Policies Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya
2009-2010 Jisha C J Role of the Private Sector in Ayurvedic Education and Provisioning in Kerala Prof. Rama V. Baru
2009-2010 Randeep Neog Proposed topice: Metabolic Syndrome in the Indian Context: A review of its Biological and Social Determinants Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2009-2010 Dr. Vikas Bajpai Poverty Alleviation Programmes and Household Food Security: A Study of MNREGA in Uttar Pradesh Prof. Ritu Priya
2009-2010 Anjali Chikersal Provisioning of Doctors in Rural Public Healthcare: An Anlaysis of State Level Strategies Prof. Ritu Priya
2010-11 Veda Yumnam  Health Service Provisioning and Delivery in Confilct Situations: An Analysis of Manipur Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2010-11 Ankita Mukherjee Mapping the Diffusion of Medical Technology in India: A Case Study of Two Imaging Technologies in Delhi Prof. Mohan Rao & Prof. Rama V. Baru
2010-11 Tanveer Ahmad Dar Investigating the Complexity of Population Health: Intergenerational Changes in Socio-Economic and Health Status in Jammu & Kashmir, 1989-2014 Prof. Ritu Priya
2010-11 Rafia Farooq Experience of Pregnancy Loss and Health Service Access: A Case Study of District Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir Prof. Rama V. Baru
2010-11 Dr. Swapnali Sudhakar Patil Vulnerability of Sero-Discordant HIV Positive Women - A Case Study of Maharashtra Prof. Ramila Bisht
2010-11 Somfa Sumpa Determinants of Population Health and Nutrition Status: The Eco-Social Epidemiology of Arunachal Pradesh Prof. Ritu Priya
2010-11 Poornima Sheba Samuel Raj Determinants of Chronic Under Nutrition among Under - Five Children in Mewat District of Haryana Prof. Rama V. Baru
2011-12 Seemi Zafar Commercialization of Health Services and its Implication for Organizational Culture: Study of a Public Sector Hospital in Delhi Prof. Rama V. Baru
2011-12 Tshering Yangzom Sherpa Revival of Medinical Plants and Indigenous Healing Systems: A Case Study of Sikkim Dr. Sunita Reddy
2011-12 Devaraja VK Mental health and Poverty in India: A case study of Kalaburagi District, Karnataka Prof. Ramila Bisht
2011-12 Bejjanki Vijeta Rao Behaviour Change and Rural Sanitation: A Study of Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan in Andhra Pradesh Prof. Sanghamitra S. Acharya
2011-12 Shashwati Goswami Political Economy of Development Communication Policy: The Family Planning Programme in India Prof. Mohan Rao
2011-12 Shalini Rudra Engendering Health: A Case for Gender Equity in Coping with Type-II Diabetes Prof. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Ritu Priya
2012-13 Bhoomika Bajaj Bhalla Health Technology Assessment and Choices: Public Health issues in Prevention of Cervical Carcinoma Prof. Ritu Priya
2012-13 Sumegha Asthana The Role of Global Partners in Strengthening Health Systems in India-Post 1990 Prof. Ramila Bisht
2012-13 Pradeep Tandan Medical Pluralism, Health Care Provisionig and Utilization Costs in Mahasamund District, Chattisgarh Prof. Ritu Priya
2012-13 Priyanka Roy Accessibility Barriers for Chronic Disease Management in Health Care Delivery System Amongst the Urban Poor of Kolkata, West Bengal Prof. Rajib Dasgupta
2012-13 Santosh Mahindrakar Contractualistion of Health Workforce Post-1990: Examining its Implications for the Public Health Service System in Selected Hospitals of Delhi Prof. Rama V. Baru & Prof. Ritu Priya
2012-13 Marykali Yepthomi Examining Community Participation In Public Health: A Health Systems Approach To Communitisation Of Health Services In Nagaland Prof. Ritu Priya
2013 Rajeev N.S. Health and Life Outcomes of Children Exposed to Maternal HIV Infection in Belgaum District, Karnataka Prof. Rajib Dasgupta -
2015-16 Mohammad Bilal Hossain Social History of Oral Rehydration Solution (Ors) in Bangladesh, 1968-1998 Prof. Rajib Dasgupta



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A warm welcome to the modified and updated website of the Centre for East Asian Studies. The East Asian region has been at the forefront of several path-breaking changes since 1970s beginning with the redefining the development architecture with its State-led development model besides emerging as a major region in the global politics and a key hub of the sophisticated technologies. The Centre is one of the thirteen Centres of the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi that provides a holistic understanding of the region.

Initially, established as a Centre for Chinese and Japanese Studies, it subsequently grew to include Korean Studies as well. At present there are eight faculty members in the Centre. Several distinguished faculty who have now retired include the late Prof. Gargi Dutt, Prof. P.A.N. Murthy, Prof. G.P. Deshpande, Dr. Nranarayan Das, Prof. R.R. Krishnan and Prof. K.V. Kesavan. Besides, Dr. Madhu Bhalla served at the Centre in Chinese Studies Programme during 1994-2006. In addition, Ms. Kamlesh Jain and Dr. M. M. Kunju served the Centre as the Documentation Officers in Chinese and Japanese Studies respectively.

The academic curriculum covers both modern and contemporary facets of East Asia as each scholar specializes in an area of his/her interest in the region. The integrated course involves two semesters of classes at the M. Phil programme and a dissertation for the M. Phil and a thesis for Ph. D programme respectively. The central objective is to impart an interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of history, foreign policy, government and politics, society and culture and political economy of the respective areas. Students can explore new and emerging themes such as East Asian regionalism, the evolving East Asian Community, the rise of China, resurgence of Japan and the prospects for reunification of the Korean peninsula. Additionally, the Centre lays great emphasis on the building of language skills. The background of scholars includes mostly from the social science disciplines; History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, International Relations and language.

Several students of the centre have been recipients of prestigious research fellowships awarded by Japan Foundation, Mombusho (Ministry of Education, Government of Japan), Saburo Okita Memorial Fellowship, Nippon Foundation, Korea Foundation, Nehru Memorial Fellowship, and Fellowship from the Chinese and Taiwanese Governments. Besides, students from Japan receive fellowship from the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.