CITD Discussion Papers


  • DP 1701: "The Centre-State Political Transfer Cycles" by GANESH MANJHI and MEETA KESWANI MEHRA


  • DP 1602: "Measuring unilateral and multilateral gains from tackling current economic ineciencies in CO2 reductions: Theory and evidence" by SUSHAMA MURTY
  • DP 1601: "Modeling Emission-Generating Technologies: Reconciliation of Axiomatic and By-Production Approaches" bySUSHAMA MURTY and R. ROBERT RUSSELL


  • DP 1511: "Can the Organised and Unorganised Sectors Co-exits: A Theoretical Study" by MANOJ PANT and SHOBHA BAGAI
  • DP 1510: "Science Research and Knowledge Creation in Indian Universities: Theoretical Perspectives and Econometric Evidence " by SABYASACHI SAHA and AMIT S RAY
  • DP 1509: "On Wage Inequality, Trade and Technology: Theory and Empirics " by ALOKESH BARUA and PRIYANTA GHOSH
  • DP 1508: "The Role of Services in Enhancing Indian Manufacturing Exports: A Firm Level Analysis, 2000-01 to 2011-12" by SONIA MUKHERJEE
  • DP 1507: "Intergenerational Mobility, Human Capital Composition and Distance to Technological Frontier" by SUJATA BASU
  • DP 1506: "Cross-Country Analysis of Composition of Human Capital and Total Factor Productivity Growth depending on its Distance to Frontier" by SUJATA BASU
  • DP 1505: "R & D Sector Outsourcing, Human Capital Formation and Growth in the Context of Developed versus Developing" by SUJATA BASU
  • DP 1504: "The Role of Technological Conditions of Production in Explaining India's Manufacturing Growth, 1998-00 to 2007-08: Some Policy Perspectives" by ALOKESH BARUA, BISHWANATH GOLDAR and HIMANI SHARMA
  • DP 1503: "Imperfect Certification under Cournot Duopoly" by CHARU GROVER and SANGEETA BANSAL
  • DP 1502: "Environmental Policy in a Federation with Special Interest Politics and Inter-governmental Grants" by DIVYA DATT and MEETA KESWANI MEHRA
  • DP 1501: "The Enigma of the 'Indian Model' of Development" by AMIT S RAY


  • DP 1404: "Structural Transformation in the North-Eastern Region of India: Charting out an agriculture-based development policy" by ALWIN D'SOUZA and AMIT S RAY
  • DP 1403: "Impact of strengthening Intellectual Property Rights Regime on Income Inequality: An Econometric Analysis" by SWATI SAINI and MEETA KESWANI MEHRA
  • DP 1402: "Optimizing Public Expenditure Allocations between Secondary and Higher Education" by VIJAY P. OJHA andJOYDEEP GHOSH
  • DP 1401: "Do foreign banks in India indulge in cream skimming? " by MANDIRA SARMA and ANJALI PRASHAD



  • DP 1302: "What Attracts FDI in Indian Manufacturing Industries? " by RASHMI RASTOGI and APARNA SAWHNEY
  • DP 1301: "Trade and Wage Inequality: A Specific Factor Model with Intermediate Goods " by ALOKESH BARUA andMANOJ PANT


  • DP 1204: "Exchange Market Pressure in India" by ANURADHA GURU and MANDIRA SARMA
  • DP 1203: "Market Provision of Quality: Impact of Economic Growth" by SANGEETA BANSAL
  • DP 1202: "Price Control on Bt Cotton Seeds in India: Impact on Seed Providers" by ANCHAL ARORA and SANGEETA BANSAL
  • DP 1201: "Endogenous Human Capital Formation, Distance to Frontier and Growth" by SUJATA BASU and MEETA KESWANI MEHRA



  • DP 1102: "Capital Flows and the Impossible Trinity: The Indian Experience" by ABHIJIT SEN GUPTA and GANESH MANJHI
  • DP 1101: "Diffusion of Bt Cotton in India: Impact of Seed Prices and Technological Development" by ANCHAL ARORAand SANGEETA BANSAL


  • DP 1007: "Corporate Governance, Competition and Firm Performance: Evidence from India" by MANORANJAN PATTANAYAK and MANOJ PANT
  • DP 1006: "Structural Change, Economic Growth and Trade: Case for Regional Reallocation of Investment in India" by ALOKESH BARUA and APARNA SAWHNEY
  • DP 1005: "Index of Financial Inclusion" by MANDIRA SARMA
  • DP 1004: "FDI, Technology Transfer and Spillover: A Case Study of India" by MANOJ PANT and SANGEETA MONDAL
  • DP 1003: "Environmental Sustainability and the Account of Genuine Wealth in India" by APARNA SAWHNEY
  • DP 1002: "Weak Aversion to GM Foods: Experimental Evidence from India" by SANGEETA BANSAL, SUJOY CHAKRAVARTY and BHARAT RAMASWAMI
  • DP 1001: "Some Aspects of Incentive-Based Optimal Pricing and Environmental Regulation with Asymmetric Information"by SAPTARSHI BASU ROY CHOUDHURY and MEETA KESWANI MEHRA


  • DP 0912: "North-South Capital Movement and Global Environment" by MEETA K. MEHRA
  • DP 0911: "India's Tryst with Technology: The Way Forward" by AMIT SHOVON RAY and SABYASACHI SAHA
  • DP 0910: "Lacunae in financial regulatory framework vis-à-vis financial repression" by GURBACHAN SINGH
  • DP 0909: "To Contribute or not to Contribute: Micro-theoretical Models of the Open Source Software (OSS) Development"by AMIT SHOVON RAY and SUBHASIS BERA
  • DP 0908: "Financial Intermediation and Employment" by MANOJ PANT, PRABAL ROY CHOWDHURY and GURBACHAN SINGH
  • DP 0907: "Why is 100% Reserve Banking Inefficient?" by GURBACHAN SINGH
  • DP 0906: "India's Stance at the WTO: Shifting Coordinates, Unaltered Paradigm" by AMIT SHOVON RAY and SABYASACHI SAHA
  • DP 0905: "Financial Repression, Bank Deposits, Real Assets and Black Money" by GURBACHAN SINGH
  • DP 0904: "Co-evolution of IPR Policy and Technological Learning in Developing Countries: A Game-theoretic Model" byAMIT SHOVON RAY and SARADINDU BHADURI
  • DP 0903: "Does Regionalism Hinder Multilateralism: A Case Study of India" by  MANOJ PANT and AMIT SADHUKHAN
  • DP 0902: "Corporate governance and Competition: A Case Study of India" by  MANOJ PANT and MANORANJAN PATTNAYAK
  • DP 0901: "Economic Development: Do Governments matter?"  by  MANOJ PANT