International Students

Admission Procedure for International Students


1. Brochure for Foreign Nationals


2. Admission Procedure


3. 'In absentia' form other than Ph.D


4. 'In absentia' form for Ph.D


5. Casual Student form


6. Link of e-Prospectus


7. Research Affiliation Scholar


8. FRRO information


9. FAQ


Important Telephone Numbers

1. International Students Advisor                  26704673
2. Director of Admissions                              26744012
3. Deputy Registrar (Admissions)                  26704047
4. Section Officer (Admission-II)                   26738719


Contact address:

Section Officer (Admission-II),    
Room No. 20,    
Administrative Block,    
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi - 110067


For more inquiries, contact:

Prof. T.V. Vijay Kumar, International Students Advisor 


Prof. Deepak Gaur, Director of Admissions 


Shri Manoj Kumar Pachauri, Deputy Registrar (Admissions) 


Mrs. Meenakshi Bhardwaj, Section Officer (Admission-II)