Procedure for Univ. Certificate



Issue of University Certificates

I. Procedure prescribed for issue of Official transcripts:

  1. To make a written request to the University for issue of official transcripts to him/her mentioning the name and address of the Universities/Institutions to which he/she wants to send official transcripts for seeking admission for pursuing higher studies or for other purpose like award of fellowship/scholarship, seeking employment etc.
  2. The written request should be accompanied by photocopies of the testimonials, Envelopes containing the addresses of the Universities/Institutions to which the official transcripts are to be sent.
  3. The official transcripts duly sealed in the envelopes will be handed over to the concerned student or on an written authorization to his/her authorized representative. The official transcripts are to be sent to the concerned Universities/Institutions at his/her own cost.
  4. The official transcripts are issued free of cost to the student if the photocopies of the testimonials and envelopes are provided by him/her.

II. Procedure for issue of Original Degree/Final Marksheet:

Above documents/certificates are issued to the students by the concerned School/Specialised Centre for which the students have to submit "No Dues Certificate" in the prescribed form available in the concerned School/Specialised Centre. For further details the students may contact the Admn. Officer of the School. For original degree no fee is payable by the students. However for getting the Final Grade Reports the students are required to pay a fee of ` 20/-. Similarly for issue of Semester Grade Report the students should contact the concerned Centre/School.

III. Procedure for issue of Provisional Degree and Migration Certificate:

  1. The students are required to make a request to the University in the form prescribed by the University for issue of Provisional Degree/Migration Certificate. Prescribed form can be  downloaded here .
  2. The students are required to submit the same to the Evaluation Branch of the University after completing the necessary formalities such "No Dues Certificates" from the concerned School/Specialised Centre, concerned Hostel, Office of the Dean of Students and payment of fee prescribed for the University for issue of various certificates. 


Revised rates for fresh/revised/duplicate documents w.e.f 22.10.2018

S.N.DocumentsFee in Rs.
1.Provisional Degree certificate100/-
2.Consolidated Marksheet40/-
3.Migration Certificate100/-
4.Duplicate copy of provisional degree200/-
5.Duplicate of consolidated marksheet200/-
6.Duplicate copy of Semester grade report200/-
7.Duplicate Degree Certificate500/-
8.Duplicate Migration Certificate400/-
9.Re-evaluation of Answer Script40/-