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SYLFF Fellowships for the year 2014

Current SYLFF Fellows' Recommendations

►Increase in the amount of the fellowship has come up in our discussion, i.e., among SYLFF scholars located in JNU. It is not so much a question of whether the money is sufficient or not. It is more to draw more competent researcher into the fold of this fellowship. Given the amount in SYLFF fellowship is more or less equal to other scholarships or fellowships available in JNU, often SYLFF becomes just one among other options available to the researchers. While it stays a more prestigious fellowship yet it fails to draw the attention of the research scholars. Therefore a decision to keep the amount always certain percentage higher than other fellowships or scholarships may resolve the problem. At least this is what we felt in our own discussions in SYLFF forum of JNU researchers.

►The next point pertains to a fund solely dedicated to contingency, especially for buying books. In today's time the cost of undertaking research has increased in monetary terms especially because of steady increase in the price of books. In the context of India, it is more glaring because often the books we require don't have an Indian edition. Not only that even if we are ready to buy the foreign edition priced much higher, we are forced to import such copies due to its unavailability in Indian market. All put together the cost of procuring books become too expensive. Now given a good research requires constant interaction with newer and newer literature in respective field of study, we sincerely felt if a provision of contingency fund is there to buy books (in my case), we would have been hugely benefitted.

►When our papers are accepted for presentation at domestic and international seminars and conferences, our university offers us some financial support to meet the costs towards travel, board and lodging. However, it does not cover all costs incurred by us. It would be very useful if the SYLFF fellowship could include a budget for offering financial aid to scholars for presenting papers at domestic and international conferences.

► As scholars, we need to apply for memberships to domestic and international associations and institutions related to our fields of knowledge. Some financial assistance towards covering membership fees to these organizations would also be very welcome.

► In JNU every year not more than five or six SYLFF recipients are present. Senior members no doubt are there to help; but they often are busy with their own professional commitments. In such a situation, if SYLFF authorities prepare and circulate among the recipients a detailed note, stating (non-mandatory) guidance and suggestions regarding the organisation of talks, public lectures, conferences and seminars, then it would encourage SYLFF fellows to undertake such activities. This note may include details like financial assistance, themes, framework and administrative help extended to the SYLFF recipients who want to organise a talk, public lecture, seminar or a social work.

►JNU act as a mediating agency between the SYLFF authorities and recipients of this fellowship, and time to time provide information about SYLFF to the students. But we feel if the SYLFF authorities engage directly through emails with the recipients then the SYLFF fellows at JNU would be encouraged more to engage in activities other than their research (organisation of talks, seminars, etc.). In addition to it, if the SYLFF authorities can invite directly time to time brief reports and research findings from SYLFF fellows at JNU to publish in their Newsletter then it would further encourage recipients to meet the goals –both academic and social- set by the SYLFF.

► Facilitate orientation classes for young researchers and introduce them into current research trends. Formation of SYLFF debate forum and promote constructive dialogue inside the campus. Engage with relevant social issues.

►Launch SYLFF research journal and provide publication spaces for distinguished research works. Organize coaching sessions for JNU entrance exam and help them in admission process. Arrange proper circulation of SYLFF research fellowship notification.

►Monthly gathering of SYLFF fellows in the campus. Revise fellowship amount for attracting new research fellows. Make proper channels that help SYLFF fellows find further research and academic opportunities.